Weekend Links {6}

I pray your Saturday is peaceful and joyful and everything you need it to be. And I pray your Sunday involves your favorite team winning, along with some chips and queso.

Here are some good reads I found this week:

Do We Really Connect Through Social Media, by Donald Miller. “We get to be our own movie directors, our own magazine editors, putting out into the world something creative and hopefully inspiring. But at times, I wonder if all the projecting of an image isn’t costing us something. And that something is the ability to connect, for real. Impressing people is not the same as connecting with them…”

Cups Aren’t Just for Coffee Anymore, on The Fulcrum Chronicles. Colleen doesn’t blog often, but when she does, it’s always great. Well-written. Witty. Interesting. Always a story. This is a blog worth your time.

12 Tips for Writer’s Block, by Susie Davis. I just discovered this blog and Susie is delightful. She doesn’t always write about writing, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, then click around and read some of her other stuff.

No Sidebar: A New Approach to Life, by Brian Gardner on Becoming Minimalist Though most of his post is actually metaphorical, the actual illustration of removing actual sidebars could not have come at a stranger time for me…a week after I revamped my sidebar and added Google Ads. (Hey…I made like ten bucks this week! Cha CHING!!!) Now I’m thinking maybe no sidebar is better for a blog about balance and everything. #confused.

Woman Drinks 3 Liters of Water a Day for Four Weeks I already drink a lot of water, and honestly, don’t keep track of the amount. But just seeing her before and after pics makes me want to drink 3 liters a day!

Life, By Sarah at Clover Lane.  I almost didn’t read this.  I saw it was a pro-life post and I saw it was long and I moved on.  Full-discloser:  The real reason I moved on is because I am horrified that so many babies die every day at the hand of competent doctors here in my country, yet I remain silent. I do nothing.  Well, a week later, I finally decided to read the post.  It turns out, Sarah’s post was about this very thing.  I’m so glad I read it.  And I think it’s time for me to do something.  Anything.  If you only read one thing, read this one.


What I Want My Teens To Know About Sexual Purity

Purity is not refraining from sexual intercourse. Purity is a condition of the heart that drives every action, including but not limited to, how you behave sexually. It encompasses everything you allow yourself to see and hear and think. And, by the way, “purity” is still a thing, even when you are married and get to have sex with your spouse as often as you want. I still need to guard my heart every single day.


As your Mom, it’s my job to set limits and boundaries, and I will. But limits and boundaries will not keep you pure. Only you can do that. I can set up and enforce rules designed to protect you, but if you really want to, you will find a way to have sex.

If you don’t agree with or don’t understand a limit or a boundary I have set, then let’s talk about it. I’m not just making up random rules to keep you confined, alone and dateless. My goal is to demonstrate for you practical ways to protect yourself so that, hopefully, you will adopt similar boundaries on your own when I am not there.

You can ask me or tell me anything. I will not freak out on you. I promise.

father and son

Decisions about purity should not be made in the heat of the moment. This needs to happen now, in the privacy of your heart. If you wait until you are lying body-to-body on the couch in a dorm or in the backseat of a car, sex will sound like the best idea ever.

Don’t be afraid to tell your date that you don’t want physical intimacy in your dating relationship. Chances are really good that he or she will be relieved, because your date feels the same way. (If he or she is angry with you, move on. You deserve so much better than this.)

Society will tell you that it’s unrealistic to wait until marriage for sex—like you are some kind of ravenous animal with zero self-control. Don’t believe that for a second. It’s a lie. God equipped you for every situation you will encounter in your entire life, including the temptation to have sex before marriage. You can do this.

Sex is a lot like fire: Keep it well-contained and it is both useful and beautiful. Let it burn freely, outside the boundaries God intended, and it is dangerous, painful and destructive.


I know many parents (including me) are afraid to tell you this, but here it goes:  There is absolutely nothing you can do that God cannot forgive and restore.  We are afraid you will hear, “There are no consequences, so go ahead and have sex and ask for forgiveness later.” I’m not saying there are no consequences. I’m saying God can and will forgive you of anything, love you through anything, restore and redeem everything. Nothing can separate you from God’s love.

Finally, should you ever find yourself in a sexual relationship, and choose to confess this to me, I will never, ever judge you harshly (see previous promise not to freak out). I will not shame you. I will not punish you. Instead, I will help you. I will cry with you. I will encourage you. I will forgive you. I will love you. I am on your side, and I believe the absolute best about you and for you.