Ditch All-or-Nothing Mentality

Here’s a sneak peek into the fitness e-book I’ve been working on.  As with all things in life, it’s taking longer than I thought it would. As soon as it’s finished, I will make it available to you for free, for a limited time!

Happy Tuesday!


Nothing will derail your fitness efforts faster than all-or-nothing thinking.

It’s the voice that says,

“I don’t have a full hour to work out, so I’m not exercising today.”


“I already messed up breakfast, I might as well eat this cake…and French fries…with a giant Pepsi. And order deep-dish meat-lovers pizza for dinner. And sit on the couch and watch The Bachelor. While I also eat this bowl of ice cream with crushed up Reese’s Easter Eggs on top.”

This voice says, “If I can’t do it perfectly, then I’m not doing anything.”

I know this voice well. It used to speak to me all day long. I used to wake up each morning with a fresh resolve to be healthy. But if I ate the bagel with cream cheese or didn’t exercise at least 30 minutes, I felt like I messed up the whole day. So, I’d wait until the next day, where I could wake up with fresh resolve.

I did this almost every day.

This voice was especially loud during holidays, parties, vacations and weekends. It would scream at me, “THERE’S NO USE TRYING TO BE HEALTHY TODAY BECAUSE IT’S SATURDAY (or your birthday/ or Super Bowl Sunday/or Fat Tuesday/ or December/or 2008…)

If I couldn’t be “healthy” all day/week/month/year, I wouldn’t even try.

Then, I realized, that voice is a big fat liar. It’s not true. Just because it’s Saturday, and I may eat out tonight or maybe want pancakes for breakfast, it doesn’t mean the entire day is a wash.

Just because it’s vacation and we’ll be eating more and resting more, doesn’t mean I need to lay on a beach chair and stuff Pringles in my mouth for seven straight days. Just because it’s the holiday season, it doesn’t mean I must eat cookies and pumpkin pie daily from November through New Year’s Day.

I can do SOMETHING good for my health today. I can eat SOME good meals. I can get SOME exercise. One healthy meal. Ten minutes on the elliptical. Something.

Something is better than nothing.

Repeat after me:

“Something is better than nothing.”


I started saying it every day. Several times a day. This has become my fitness mantra.


Ditch All or Nothing Mentality

You have hundreds of opportunities every single day to choose the healthy option. Missing one or two of those opportunities doesn’t need to derail you completely. Doing a little of something healthy is better than doing nothing healthy.

• You can choose eggs instead of the bagel and cream cheese.

• You can choose to run up the stairs instead of walk.

• You can choose to drink a few sips of water as you swing through the kitchen.

• You can choose to grab an apple and a few nuts as you’re headed out to run errands.

• You can choose to park at the back of the parking lot, and walk.

• You can just choose to walk and not drive at all.

• You can pull into Panera Bread instead of Burger King.

• While at Panera Bread, you can order bean soup and chicken cobb salad with avocado instead of a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese (You can do hard things!)

• You can choose to do a 20-minute workout instead of scrolling through Instagram.

• You can choose to bypass dessert.

• You can order green tea, no sugar, instead of a venti vanilla latte with whip cream.

• You can grill the chicken instead of fry it.

• You can choose steamed veggies over a plate of pasta.

• You can choose to drink chamomile tea instead of eat a bowl of cereal (or chips or ice cream) before bedtime.

• You can choose to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep instead of watch The Tonight Show.

What a tragedy it would be to miss all the little healthy opportunities in a day, simply because you couldn’t get past your choice to eat the bagel this morning.

So what, if you ate the bagel?

So what, if it was a big ole’ giant white flour bagel with full-fat cream cheese, and you ate the entire thing, and you loved every stinking second of it?

Seriously…So what???!!!

You can still choose to run up the stairs instead of walk. And drink a few sips of water as you swing through the kitchen. And grab an apple and nuts on your way out the door….

All-or-nothing will get you nowhere but discouraged, sick and overweight.

Today, your job is to remember to make the next healthy decision, even when you mess up. And say out loud, “Something is better than nothing.”


Fit By Summer: An Invitation

Saturday, I purged my closet.  Since I tend to wear the same 20 items over and over again, I had several things with holes and stains.  (My fashion inspiration: 10-year-old boys.)  Also, since I tend to wear the same 20 items over and over again, I had several things I haven’t touched in a year.  

So, I pulled the holey/stained garments out of my closet and threw them away. Easy-peasy.

Then I pulled the untouched garments out of my closet, plopped them on the bed, and proceeded to try every one of them on.  Ugh. I hate this. In order to earn a spot back in my closet, the garment had to pass the “Do-I-Feel-Like-A-Million-Bucks-In-This?” test.

I got rid of six shopping bags full of clothes.

I learned two things Saturday:

1. I need to go shopping. Mostly, I need clothes without holes and stains.
2. I can’t button my favorite summer pants, and I don’t want to get rid of them, because I JUST BOUGHT THEM LAST SUMMER!

This is where you come in. We have a little over two months before June 1st, right? I’m kicking it into high gear to get fit by then, BECAUSE I WANT TO WEAR MY PANTS, and I want you to join me.

Do you need accountability?
Do you lack the time to do a lengthy workout?
Do you like free stuff?
Do you want to fit into your pants by June 1st?

Then, this, my friends, is your day.

Here’s what I want you to do:

FIRST: Commit to exercise and healthy eating. There are all kinds of things you can do, but I encourage you to do something YOU WILL ENJOY. Otherwise, you won’t stick with it.

I just ordered Tony Horton’s new workout 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS. It is an 8-week DVD-driven, home workout, from the creator of P90X. It is a boot-camp-style routine, it’s only 22 minutes a day (thus, the name) and it comes with a nutrition guide. Here is a video, so you can check it out.

If you are short on time, like simple, uncomplicated moves, and need daily structure, this is for you. You can order it here, from me, if you’d like. Just go to my Beachbody page and hit “Shop Team Beachbody” on the left.

The basic DVD package is only $39.90. (affiliate link–I receive a small commission if you order it from me.) If you order it soon, you get free shipping and you’ll have it in 3-6 business days.

22 Minute Hard Corps via The Scoop on Balance

If boot camp is not your thing, there are many Beachbody workouts to choose from. Poke around the site a little and see if something catches your eye. I can help you choose the best one, if you want my help.

But don’t feel like you have to buy something! Just exercise most days for the next two months. Walk, run, blow the dust off your elliptical, jump on a trampoline, go to the gym, go to the zumba class. I don’t care what you do. I just want you to commit to something.

SECOND: Join me in my private Facebook Accountability Group called Fit By Summer. We will begin on Friday, April 1st and go until Friday, May 27th. There, I will offer you FREE accountability, FREE fitness tips and motivation, and I may even throw in a healthy recipe or two. Just let me know in the comments, via email, or on Facebook (if we are already friends there) that you’d like to join, and I’ll add you!

THIRD: Be on the lookout for my free E-book! I’ve been working on a free resource for you called, “25 Little Things You Can Do To Reach Your Fitness Goals.” It should be ready in a few days. You can download this whether you join the Facebook group or not. It’s my gift to you, because I want you, also, to be able to wear your favorite pants this summer.