DeClutter 2014: Week Two

I am a DeCluttering MA-CHINE!! I hesitate to even post all these pictures, because there are so many. But if it inspires you to get into your closets and remove your brushed leather trench from 1987, then I’ll happily take one for the team.


This load went to Goodwill…

Load 3

And so did this one….

Load 4

These stuffed animals are going to a local charity where firefighters and police officers give stuffed animals to children when they respond to a tragic situation.   Honestly, I tear up every time I think about one of these animals going to a frightened child whose Daddy just got arrested or whose house just burnt down. Last night, Elliana said goodbye to all her stuffed animals and told them where they were going. I’m tearing up again thinking about the precious little speech she gave them.  Oh, and there are also puzzles and games going to Goodwill…

Load 5

Here’s one bag of garbage…

Garbage 1

And shoes donated to a charity that uses them to bring clean drinking water to 3rd world countries.  I’m adding these to a giant garbage bag of shoes I have been gathering for a few months…

Donated shoes

More garbage (blogging at it’s best, right here)

Garbage 2

And the Veggie Tale VHS tapes.  I hate parting with these…



Remember my coat closet?  If you come to my house, I can actually hang your coat in there now.

Coat Closet Before

Coat Closet After

And here’s my Master Closet (Notice, you can only see MY stuff, cuz my dear man has yet to declutter his clothes. He has way more clothes than I do. Truly. He’s like a girl. Clothes-wise.)

Master Closet Before

Master Closet Before2

Master Closet After

Master Closet After2

Shoes After

The Hats/Gloves/Scarves.  I used to DREAD opening this thing…

Hats before

hats after

And the billowing piles of stuffed animals.  I kept the hand-made ones and the few I knew were special to the kids…

Stuffed Animals Before

Stuffed animals after

I don’t have a before picture of this, but this used to hold games only. And crap. I was able to condense all the games and puzzles into one cabinet…


And I also don’t have a before picture of my laundry room, but I cleaned out that, too. Of course, it only looked like this for a day, until I put more laundry in it. But it brought me great delight to see it like this, but for a day.

Laundry Room

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  1. Kelly Stoski says:

    I think you should frame the picture of the clean laundry room and hang it in the laundry room so you can remember the joy you felt on days when you have 13 loads of laundry to do :)

  2. Mark Allman says:

    I want to intercept you before you get to Goodwill next time!!!

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