1. Thanks for the reminder that it is a journey and that it is about relationship (hearing God's voice).

    Let us know when you get that day of sleeping in, having a sitter and spending time with a friend. Hope it is SOON.

  2. I'm having a massage tomorrow. I think having a massage every two years is completely OUT of balance, so I hereby purpose to correct that.

    Do you think monthly massages is balanced enough? I could do more…

  3. this is a post I wrote on my blog at the beginning of the year….the whole 'balance' subject and what that looks like.I think I concluded that as long as we are working towards that calling the Lord has placed upon our life in obedience from day to day then that is balance. I beat myself up for quite a while thinking I wasn't 'measuring up', always looking at someone else, even my sis who just adopted out of Uganda. Satan would like me to think that what I was doing 'just wasn't good enough'. But I soon learned that He calls us to all kinds of different things in life and as long as we are doing that, we have balance. Thanks bloggie friend…..good insight once again.

  4. Wise, wise words. And a good reminder.

    P.S. I see that you're speaking on "Taken by Storm" – yahoo! Good for you! If you decide to assemble a cyber-prayer team to keep you covered before and during your talks, you can count me in.

  5. Thanks Sandy for another great post on balance – and for the light bulbs going off! I guess I have viewed balance as not swinging too far left or right but being more centered, balanced. There is another level to balance as you are talking about. “Balance can only be determined by how accurately I heard and obeyed God’s voice today,” Wow! Truly if I am hearing God’s voice – and obeying – then no matter how my day is going, crazy or not, then I can be balanced. As Glenda said in her comment, it is relationship. It’s all really good!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  6. i'm crying now. only because you've reminded me of something i used to know.

    this week would be a good time for that phone call that never happened…would you send me your number again, please?

    i love you, dear sister xoxo

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