1. Sandy, I have enjoyed this series so much! Every post had something to take away. I am not going to list everything I got out of it, that would require an entire blog entry (or entries considering the 20 part series =) but two of the things that have stuck with me: 1. You talked about hiring a weekly babysitter or doing a regular date night etc… Somewhere along the line that has been lost in my home. We catch occasional dates here and there, but nothing regular and not nearly often enough. The only time I leave my kids during the week is for unfun things like Dr.'s appointments. I've been scheming as to how I can work out a little more time to myself. 2. Your 19th post in this series about letting God direct your focus and how that could look very skewed to everyone else was my favorite. I tend to have an image in my head as to what life should look like and then plan how to make it happen without so much as asking God his opinion. I felt challenged to scrap my ideal plan and ask God to reveal to me what HIS ideal plan is for me. Thank you for writing this series and sharing your heart. I'll be linking up to facebook and my blog, not so much for the drawing, but because I think everyone can use a little balance! 😉

  2. Sandy, I too have enjoyed this series. With the craziness of our lives, balance is so vital right now. I like – and do – your rules for establishing chores for kids. LOL! The series has helped me to be more aware of balance – all around. One area is freedom from perfection. I don't have to try to be like my neighbor. I need to be me and allow God to do His perfect work in me.

    Thanks Sandy for sharing with us and freedom to be led by the Spirit.

  3. Love this truth:"I’ve learned over the years, if I do the most important things first—loving God and loving people—He has a way of multiplying my time or reprioritizing my day. Everything else fits into place or falls off my list." Thanks for this encouraging post, Sandy!! Have a blessed and well-balanced weekend!

  4. You are just amazing and so, so funny. Each of these posts has had some nugget that just made me laugh. I loved that!

    Balance in my life means shutting the laptop and actually PAYING ATTENTION when my kids talk to me. I lack that so often, but I'm trying.

  5. Sandy, thanks so much for this series, which in my opinion was not too long :). It helped me to rethink again what I am saying "yes" to and what I am saying "no" to. I love your style of truth and humor.

    I am looking forward to hearing the title of your next series.


  6. Sandy,

    I constantly feel like I'm juggling everything. I find the most balance when I just rely on him and say "It's in your hands God!" I just wish I could do this more often and not try to do everything myself.

    I also have to agree with someone who said that it helps to just turn off the computer. I recall you calling it a massive "time-sucker!" This is SO true for me. And so is my workout routine. Just yesterday I sat down and mapped out a new daily routine so my kids don't get lost in all the shuffle. I plan on doing my workouts in the mornings before they're up, because I feel that taking 1 1/2 hours away from them when they need my attention the most is selfish on my part. I also plan on NOT being on the computer (unless it's work related) from the time I wake up until the kids take their naps!

    This is me trying to "Balance" my life!

  7. I loved what you shared about putting God first . . and how that allows you to "play" as it creates a heart that desires relationships. At this stage with my 3 little girls, I think I needed to hear that this morning.

    I've been at a place in my life, lately, that God has been showing me that while I need to dream big, HE needs to be more important than my dreams/end results. And truthfully, my dreams aren't dreams unless they're His and in His timing and for His glory.

    We've been praying really hard about adoption and for a for a while, I think I was like the Israelites asking for their king – it became my idol. Then God just brought it back in balance as He pulled me back and said this all is really about/for ME. And the anxiousness/need for details fades to the background of an awe for a Savior who walks with us and ahead of us. Pursuing HIM more than the dream, lets me be excited for the desires He's given us . . .and be more present in the waiting.

  8. I think you touched on this in your series: Sometimes life brings something along where being balanced means your total focus is on that "thing" that life brought.
    If your focus were not on that "thing" then you would be out of balance in that season. Realizing that sometimes that "one thing" is of such magnitude that everything else has to fall to the side for a time.
    Experiencing that freed me up to express all of my emotions. Before I hid a lot of feelings. Now I feel that I have a right to feel what I feel. That has brought freedom but it was the result of loss.
    (Probably totally confusing unless you know the backstory.)
    I will link part on on FB.

  9. Another great series! Thanks so much.

    God's been teaching me and I have been slowly learning to opt out of activities and events in favor of focused time with my kids. Balance for us during our current season means doing less and getting more out of our time together. I've noticed I'm much more settled, calm, and patient when we have less on the agenda.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how clarity for direction, productivity, creative ideas… CLARITY in everything really improves when I am focused on hearing God. Worship, prayer, hanging with people who are passionate for God (like you) all contribute. I love your writing. Thanks!

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