1. Thank you for your faithfulness, I see you are a friend of Jesus. Me too. I thank God for His call. This is beautiful. I shared it on Google+. I found your blog because the title had the word balance in it. Now each time I read it, I realize that just as the Good Shepherd found this little lost sheep, the great Shepherd led me to a prepared table when getting encouragement through His words He gives to you. God bless you. And He is a God of the living.

  2. What a beautiful and touching post. ((hugs))

    I lost my little one February 15, 2011 through miscarriage. It was a surprise pregnancy but I always longed for more children so to say I was elated was an understatement. When I lost the baby I was crushed to my very core. The silence from God was more than I could bare and after much anger with God I then walked away from Him. For a good couple months I called myself an atheist and kept insisting the silence was proof He didn’t exist.

    But then God.

    One day He showed Himself in an undeniable way and I could no longer pretend He wasn’t really always there. My relationship has only grown stronger with Him since. It was one of the hardest times in my life but He brought beauty from my ashes. You worded it so beautifully…the miracle was my resurrection. I choose now to believe my little one was brought here for such a brief time to save me. He or she had an enormous purpose in their life. I am humbled and forever thankful.

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