1. A moment for rebuttal…Point A – I (I mean that photo texting person) also texted you two blurry cell phone photos of your son being baptized (at least that's the ruomor I heard). Second, the blurry cell phone photo is blurry. I've seen clearer pictures of Bigfoot (who was clearly PMS-ing in most pictures because it looked very angry). No judgments should be made on an I-phone photo taken from about 100 feet away. And, finally, the only person associated with that photo who appears 7 months pregnant is the dude taking the photo. One more finally…why does anybody care that Alicia Silverstone and her kid are vegans? Be a vegan or don't be a vegan. Why should America care that about the eating habits of a C-list celebrity? The only problem I have with vegans is how they worship trees, engage in human sacrifice and abhor carnival food.

  2. Ok, I was gonna comment on how your post had be agreeing with you AND laughing out loud. And then Kevin's comment had me laughing out loud too! Thanks to both of you for a bright start to my Friday!

    Now I'm off to make my coffee…..and I'm gonna put cinnamon in it. Oh and thanks for reminding me to print off my kids swimming lesson receipts for my tax folder! Being Canadian rocks 🙂

  3. Several years ago a woman at church asked me if I was pregnant. When I told her I wasn't she did not recoil in shame and embarrassement. Instead, she began trying to rally those individuals around to her way of thinking, by stating very loudly that I did indeed look pregnant, pointing at my belly.

    I was not PMSing as I recall, nor had I just been to a carnival. I will admit to repeatedly overeating, however.

    I finally thought I had escaped, with tears in my eyes. I was rushing to my husband for solace when she came up behind me trying to get him to agree with her that I looked pregnant. The poor man had the deer in the headlights look because he knew he was going home with me but the woman was quite persistant!

  4. The coffee maker thinks your "cup" of coffee is only 6 ounces…When a true cup is 8 ounces…Therefore 6 eight ounce cups would be 48 ounces, which would mean 8 cups of coffee in the coffee maker world…

    Did that explanation make any sense? I'm confused.

    Loved this post. And although it is only 7:30 pm, it puts me in the mood for coffee. And, yes, I love cinnamon in my coffee. However I also a packet of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate hot cocoa mix thrown in. I call it my "Redneck Mochachino." Because I'm so high brow that way. I only drink it every so often as I'm acutely aware of all those wasted calories, but it's the perfect cure all for a terrible, no lunch day at work!

    Wow. That's a ridiculously long comment.

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