1. I was experiencing a wide range of emotions as I read this fabulous post! I laughed when I read about how you’d be the perfect mother and knew all about how to discipline. I was unable to have children but taught for 8 years as a children’s leader in BSF. So, I thought I was an ‘expert’ and at times gave my sister in law’s advice. Wrong; I learned to keep quiet. I didn’t have all the answers for sure!

    Then as I continued reading, I thought this girl gets it. I am in Him …I am not in myself. And then you mentioned genuine changes at the DNA level of my character. And to embrace my weakness so He can flood me with His strength and wisdom.

    This is so where I’m at right now in my walk with the Lord. To realize that He lives in me and allow Him to live out that life through me. I want Him to change my character at the DNA level. But it’s me who fights Him at times. Thank you for this timely reminder of who I am in Him.

  2. Beautiful…WOW. You are a skilled communicator.
    The truth will set us free, right? But, ohhh, how it hurts sometimes! That was GOOD, GOOD stuff. Thank you.

  3. WOWZA!! My fav part” Before God could show me all that I am in Him, He had to first show me all that I am NOT in myself.” Surrendering is so hard. I struggle with this everyday! Ok if I new how to put your little button on my side of my little blog I would because I want to come back. Can you tell me how? I know I copy the little button but can figure out how to keep it in my blog???

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