1. wow, can I relate to every single thing here. Coming home from a trip, to the becoming an enemy to your child, to stepping out and getting some fresh air with a run……yip, I get it!

  2. I love this line:

    “God hand-selected my weaknesses with the same care and purpose that He hand-selected my gifts and talents. For His glory, not mine. To build His kingdom, not mine….”

    I give thanks to this truth right now because I know that my weaknesses are in the hands of the All Powerful One to keep on restoring and recreating me.


  3. Sandy,
    That is so true for all of us even if we don’t recognize it. Thank you for being so open, honest and vulnerable so that the rest of us can take comfort in the fact that we are not alone. We all have our weaknesses that only God can fulfill.

  4. Thank you for beautifully putting into words what we all feel but can’t express. And for guiding us back to the Cross.

  5. It is always hardest for me to start and in starting I start with doing just one thing. I only commit to that; most of the time I end up doing more and more but I do not make myself commit to moving the mountain.

  6. I really thought this was just a “me” thing. And most days, I mentally tell myself “Just do the next thing, don’t get overwhelmed, just focus on this task, then think about the next thing. I feel like I fail in so many areas daily and leave so much unsaid and undone. Then I think about those who have it so much harder and I compare my challenges and then I feel guilty about that, which is as productive as you can imagine. Thanks, Sandy, it sounds like a lot of us struggle!

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