1. Excellent post, Sandy. I discovered you on Pinterest. I love the pursuit of hearing God’s voice more clearly and you have a perfect take on it with putting your focus on simply knowing God.

  2. Sandy, I believe we are all part of God. Before our life began, it has all been planned for us, including the life challenges. Life on earth is a school for us to learn from. And I believe God supports us through life, what we need to do is ask and have faith. Over the past few years, I have gone through some difficult times. I started with fighting the situations like ‘why me’ or blaming. Eventually, I surrendered and accepted the situations as life lessons provided by God. I also had a ‘knowing’ that God provided me with the right path even though I was going through a difficult time. It turns out in the end, that all the obstacles that came in my path, ending up putting me in a better place than if it did not happen. Now, I pray morning and night, part of my prayer is:

    ‘God, I would like you to say that I understand you know the best path for me, and I accept it wholeheartedly, thank you.’

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