1. I’m going to check out some of your book recommendations. I will admit that I read…or rather…DNFed one that you devoured that was made into a movie. Maybe I’d eaten processed carbs and sugar and was just in a bad mood, but I was bored. Sigh…Okay…Otherwise, I’m finding that I like personal development books much better, and if the books come with nutrition, health, and exercise, I become giddy with excitement. (I’m secretly hoping that my body will change via reading. You know the whole mind/body thing).

    And yes, the internet and moreover social media is awful these days.

    1. I like personal development books better too and 100% feel healthier when I’m reading a book about diet and exercise. I also feel healthier when I step into Whole Foods Market.

      I keep thinking I love fiction, until I pick up a book and get bored or sad or whatever. I don’t like when stories boss my emotions around. I went to see Me Before You, the movie. It was very well-casted, and very true to the book, minus a bunch of details they can’t put into movies. So, you should at least go see the movie.

      1. I too feel healthier when I walk into Whole Foods, and I feel smarter when I walk into Trader Joe’s because I’m getting good food at a great price. =)

        I’ll have to check out the movie, but might have to wait until it comes out on Amazon or get a babysitter. I’m finding these days when I read fiction that I get bored immediately or the eye rolling could potentially cause me brain damage. Then I come across some writing that’s just great! I actually don’t mind having my emotions taken on a roller coaster and closing the book drained and spent. I consider that a good investment in my time, and I’ll applaud the author for engaging me and engulfing me into another world.

        I have 2 books on audible that I’m listening to (which I’m finding my ADHD isn’t happy with and reading isn’t easy all the time with busyness so I’m trying to combine both features…let someone read to me as I follow) — Carry on Warrior (my sister LOVED it. I’m still trying to get into it) by Glennon Melton from Momastery.com and Let It Go by TD Jakes.

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