1. Sandy,
    Number 8 – the reason you are qualified to discuss marriage is that you understand the struggles! Bring it on, girl. I can't wait to read your wisdom on that subject.
    PS I hope the little one is better soon.

  2. So many of these resonated w/me…but especially the part about being so busy and stressed I take it out on my family…I'm a yeller/banger too! 🙁

    I literally made myself take two breaks today because I was so wound up getting things done…I wake up very early everyday w/ mind and heart racing….and my kids were off school today which technically meant it was an "day off" for me too, but still…..and I have to wonder.."Why am I so worked up over chores and laundry and kid schedules – I'm not knocking it AT ALL, but it's not as though I am a surgeon and literally holding someone's life in my hands! Still trying to work through all that "get it all done and get it done perfectly" angst I am still holding onto.

    Thanks for the catch-up…it was fun!

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