1. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. You might want to read this guest post on Wendy Paine Miller's blog, "The Call to Bleed". Your vulnerability is pouring your heart out to others and ministering! http://thoughtsthatmove.blogspot.com/2011/02/jennie-allen-on-call-to-bleed.html

    I've had those feelings playing the violin…there's SO much pressure in classical music to be "perfect"! I knew I could never measure up. At the same time, who wants to listen to a musician that makes mistakes all. the. time? As a music teacher, and a musician, I've tried to balance the demands for accuracy and excellence with the fact that nothing is perfect and it's not the end of the world if Beethoven is not played perfectly…after all, he won't care, lol! It is definitely a dance.

  2. I saw your post on SCL this morning and was compelled to read more on your blog. I'm so thankful that I listened to that still small voice to make a few more clicks with my mouse this morning! I just spent an hour allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to me this morning!

    I too struggle with perfectionism and the belief that I need to meet the expectations of others (or what I perceive those expectations to be). I've struggled with this for as long as I can remember and hate letting anyone down, because like you, I learned early on that it wasn't acceptable.

    For the last year, I have been working through my issues with perfectionism, insecurity, feelings of worthlessness, and a massive fear of rejection. I haven't found complete freedom from any of them yet but have found some improvement and relief. But I noticed over the last few months, how frustrated I was that I haven't found complete (and perfect) freedom. *sigh*

    After reading your post this morning, I am choosing to refocus on Christ and allow the battle(s) to be fought and won in His time-frame instead of mine. Thank you so much for your openness and honesty as you struggle to become free of perfectionism. You have greatly encouraged me today!

  3. Sandy, THANK YOU. Oh how we need reminders to dig up the "junk" in our past. "junk" that turns into diamonds after we pull it out. YOU my friend… have a GIFT. p.s. the picture of you made my day! … I can hear the music playing in the background… Cindi Lauper's "Girls just wanna have fun" hehe. And, gotta love you sister… and Taco Salads. 🙂

  4. I think it's neat how events that have held us captive for years suddenly have no power over us when we see them in the truth of God's opinion. They may still hurt for a little while, but the hurt begins to fade (or instantly does) every time we choose His interpretation of events over ours. Good post today.

  5. So here’s what I’m doing: I’m carefully taking out these painful memories one-at-a-time. I’m holding them. I’m feeling them. And then I’m inviting God to shine His Light of Truth on them. I’m asking God to take the living, active power of His Word and decimate the lies that I engraved on my tender heart.

    Together: Forever. Sisters.

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