1. Girl, I LOVE this. You know how much I cherish living in this moment. While my "sudden loss" was more of a stripping away of my self, my dignity,and my crazy ideas about life and God and love, I still went through that same defining moment. Suddenly seeing what was really important, and learning to focus on that– the veil had been lifted from my eyes.

    I think if my life were to change tomorrow, I would want to make sure that the legacy I have left behind me and the legacy I leave throughout that change is one of glorifying God.

    Giving my self, my time, my heart, my love, and my forgiveness. Over and over and over again.


  2. I cannot begin to understand what it would be like to lose a child that way, but I think about my perspective every day. And I love this question today. Yesterday I had a day off of work-"Columbus Day" is not a day that I would consider a holiday, but my company was closed, while my husband still had to work. So I kept my kids home from daycare with me. I try to always make the most of my time with them since I do work, and so yesterday, we colored together, and cuddled through a Barbie movie, we had extra marshmallows in our hot chocolate, read books, and just enjoyed the day. I did no housework, paid no bills, worked on no projects. It was an awesome day. I am so grateful for every minute with them, they are growing up so fast, and you never know how much time you have. Thank you for that reminder again today. I can't wait for 5:00 so I can go start my evening with them!


  3. I would NOT worry about spilled fingernail polish and I would NOT beat myself up for making boxed soup and I would NOT lose my temper so quickly with my girls…

    Thanks for this post, Sandy!

  4. Shoot. Spoken right to my selfish, impatient, irritable heart. Linking up to this tomorrow, as it totally relates to what I posted today. Thanks, Sandy.

    P.S. That book I was sending you…um, just found it buried in a mess of empty water bottles and old hoodies in my vehicle! Oops. Heading to the mailbox tomorrow, begging your forgiveness for being such a slacker. 🙂

  5. Oh Sandy. This rocks.

    Wanna know something? The first few weeks after my daughters birth – I would get up in the night with her multiple times – and do you know who I would often think about when I was soooo tired and just wanted sleep? You. Yep – many of your posts about Noah stuck with me. I would think about how blessed I am to have a healthy child to tend to. Your writings have really made me so thankful for what I've been given – and they make me want to savor every moment. THANK YOU, SANDY. Your blog is a blessing.

    Kate 🙂

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