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  • Finding Your Balance: An 11-Lesson Bible Study (PDF)


    Are you feeling overwhelmed? Frazzled? Exhausted?

    Do the items on your to-do list out number the hours in your day? Do you struggle to balance your priorities with the countless obligations and expectations vying for your time?

    Does the idea of life-balance seem so far-fetched that you’re starting to think it’s nothing but a big fat lie?

    Maybe you’re thinking about balance all wrong.

    It’s time to release your unrealistic images of balance and embrace your actual, messy, beautiful life.

    In Finding Your Balance you’ll discover

    • What God considers your highest priority so you can filter out things that don’t matter
    • How to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can determine the best ways to spend your time
    • How to overcome the Barriers to Balance—Comparison, Perfectionism, People Pleasing, and Busyness—so you can navigate life confidently, without distraction.

    You will gain the clarity and focus to do the right things at the right time, so you can find the real balance you’ve been seeking.


    • 11 in-depth Bible lessons to work at your own pace
    • Workbook format, perfect for personal use or group study/discussion
    • Practical applications and action steps
    • Questions for reflection and discussion
    • Scripture-based, lesson-specific prayers
    • Humorous anecdotes (because Bible study should be fun!)

    This is a PDF version of the 236 page book and will be immediately available for one download after your payment.


  • Finding Your Balance: An 11-Lesson Bible Study (Paperback Workbook)


    “I was desperate for some guidance on how to find balance and clarity on what is really important in life and how to STOP COMPARING myself to other women. And I found it here!” ~Jennie~

    “I simply love this book because it is honest, it is real, it is raw, and it’s practical and ultimately it points us to God. If you want balance in your life, this book is for you!” ~Susie~

    “I can’t recommend this bible study enough!” ~Valerie~

    “This study is empowering as it addresses biblical balance and life balance!!! Truly a joyful study to have the chance to do.” ~Linda~

    “I recommend this bible study for any individual or group who may feel anxiety, pressure from within or from the outside and/or depression because your life seems out of control. Thank you Sandy Cooper for this phenomenal Bible study.” ~Veronica~