1. Hi Sandy! You mentioned a Crossbody bag on this episode and I was curious about it? I couldn’t find the link. Thanks so much! Love your podcast.
    Shari Sanches

    1. Hi Shari! Sorry for the late response!!! Here is the link to the one I have: https://www.coach.com/products/kitt-messenger-crossbody/CC526-B4L4A.html
      HOWEVER, there are two things I do not love about it: First, the clasp that holds the strap to the bag is vulnerably placed. I accidentally hit it all the time and it causes the strap to come unlatched and the bag falls off me. Also, it’s a tad too small for my bulky sunglasses case (which I need to carry everywhere because they are prescription sunglasses and I live in FL.) So, I am not sure I’d recommend it. I’m actually on the lookout for another bag.

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