1. That was so honest — it takes a lot to allow God to shine the light on our dark spots AND to allow others to see the places where we sometimes are weak.

  2. glad you're back… I linked my post from Saturday. I'm still waiting to hear what God will speak today and yesterday I was still thanking Him for Saturday and how my appointments went. My doc told me I'm the only patient with my diagnosis to not receive chemo… He stands by his opinion but that makes him nervous. I have spent a great deal of my weekend trying not to be nervous but thankful. Deeply thankful for that miracle.

    Not making a post here but glad you're back and I may holler at ya later. My words are a bit depleted today too.xoxo

  3. Hola Sandy and welcome back to 2010!

    I can totally relate. I think that I am a better listening via text/email/blogging/etc than sometimes in real life. Maybe, that is why I appreciate virtual friends so much. Sometimes, it just takes me a little bit of time to "warm" up and then I'm good to go but sometimes you don't have the warm up opportunity.

    God in the past week has been talking to me. I haven't necessarily cared for what He's been saying — lightning bolt warming. Well, it's not that I haven't cared. I guess I'm just being a bit rebellious and difficult — sort of like my preschooler. It's this walk in obedience even if you don't feel like it and even if it doesn't make sense. ARRRRR. It's just too long of a story and too complicated to go into in a comment post — and you know I can post long comments. =)

    But then on Sunday, He offered me a reprieve. I've been asking Him to give me these little reprieves from all this seemingly "hard" talk.

    I know that God is authenticating me. Burning all the fake out of me. Ugh! I really wasn't aware that there was so much of it in me. It's the process of more than just saying what I believe but actually believing it….UGH!!!

    But then at church yesterday, the sermon was one of encouragement. At least to me it was very encouraging. Now ya gotta understand, my Pastor is generally a man who preaches verse by verse. He picks passages or books of the Bible and just teaches. and then ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL draws it all into the gospel and offers an altar call.

    But this Sunday it was different. God was still saying the same things…Humility, Dependency, and Connectivity. But there was just something more about it that was tender.

    Sort of like God wanting me to know He wasn't trying to be mean or harsh with me. That He is actually a loving God.

    So many other ways God was talking to me but I've gone on long enough…

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