1. God certainly is really cool — and I get what you mean. Sometimes, He's just "cool"!

    I am really appreciative of this challenge. It has allowed me the structure and accountability that I needed.

    Yesterday, I was convinced that God was telling me that I needed to start looking at myself the way God saw me; not based on my feelings (which change all the time — depending on my hormonal swings or mood or how well I slept or if I have good hair that day). So I was ready to start reading all the wonderful things God has to say about me. Yep, it was going to be an Ana lovefest. It was going to be all the validation and reassurances that I had wanted. Yep, it was goign to be all about me.

    I had a business meeting that was an hour drive. I sat in my car listening to Chuck Swindoll. I like listening to Bible teachings. And since I have found that everyone is now teaching on grace — go figure; I seized this as an opportunity to bask in the further affirmations that the Lord was giving to me about how wonderful I am in His sight.

    So Chuck teaches from Romans 7. Um, excuse me but wretched sinner is not what I was bargaining for. Where is the apple of his eye, his Beloved, his Bride, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made? So loved that Christ died for me — how much more heroic can that be?

    Nope, I get wreched sinner; coveteous, wanting to do good but not and not wanting to do what is wrong but doing it anyway.

    I was listening to all of this realizing quickly that my excitement about my lovefest was quickly coming to an end. It was nice for the few moments it lasted.

    I don't think God is finished teaching me about grace. And perhaps understanding grace fully is understanding — not in condemnation — my state apart from Him. It's peeling back the layers of junk that is there.

    And there is a lot of coveting on my part; a lot of entitlement — after all, aren't I the one that believes God is holding out on ME? There is the desire to surrender and realy trying to but…I hold on, with a death grip.

    God continues the theme of grace in everything that I am reading and listening to — unplanned; I might add.

    And I will add that He has been gracious with me — even in reminding me about my wretchedness.

  2. Thanks for continuing to share what God is saying to you! I loved the thought of listening to God before you brought this challenge, but today as I was reading, I was struck by the fact that I can read a passage and maybe write a few sentences as to what it means, but to truly 'hide it in my heart' is to make it a part of me – to live it out! When God speaks to me, it's my desire to have a response like Samuel and Isaiah: Speak; for thy servent heareth/ Here am I, send me!

    Thanks again for this tool of accountability! I'll be sharing your site with the ladies of our church this evening!! Blessings!

  3. Hi Sandy,
    I am excited about this! I have seen Priscilla Shirrer's book about hearing the voice of God, and felt compelled, but haven't bought it yet. I went to write a post and was reminded just how vivid God's voice has been over the years. Blessed me richly to ponder it!

    I am not sure if I will be here every day, but it will get me to be a bit more diligent in blogging. I have backed off alot for about a year and a half while planning our daughter's wedding which took place last Sept. and then onto our son's graduation last month.

    I will look forward to fitness Fridays too. I just started running lol "running"…but have done cross training with weights for 18 years.


  4. Ana…I think God is telling you both. To look at yourself the way He sees you (apple of his eye, wholly and dearly loved, his prized possession, bought with a price, heir to his kingdom, his child, his bride…) But also, like you said, to understand that identity only comes because of your relationship with HIM.

    And yes, that IS GRACE.

    Girl, God is soooooo speaking to you.

    Lisa, sorry about the first link. My fault.

    Maria…I used to consume large doses of God's word each day and retain almost nothing. Now, I am doing like you said. Letting one or two passages become a part of me. I'm enjoying that so much.

    Kathy…WELCOME!!! I just popped over to your blog and left a comment there. Just come here when you can. No pressure.

    Shelly…thanks girl. The guest post will realistically come this weekend, as today has clearly gotten away from me.

    Love you all!

  5. Honestly, I read this post and glossed over it. I'm sorry for that. But, then, there was this nudge, a whisper, a "Hey you! you can apply this, you know."

    I can, or rather, God can. I can offer up these strongholds and He can demolish them.

    I promise not to gloss over your posts anymore! 🙂

  6. Sandy, thank you for this! What an encouragement to read how God is speaking…and recognize that He IS speaking.

    Today the Lord said this to me: "Do not be afraid, for I am with you", Genesis 26:24. I struggle greatly with countless fears. The Lord has been calling me way outside my comfort zone…and I am following afraid. Oh to fully grasp how big God is…and realize that in holding His hand I need never be afraid.

    I am going to scroll back and read the posts I missed. Blessings to you,

  7. I heard from God this morning from my 3 year old. What I would do without my little Dr. Nya, God only knows… she's a gift to me.

    She said my broken heart needed fixed, but before she took it out she gave me a new one. I thought she was done. Then she fixed the old one and put it back in saying that I was even better now because I had two hearts.

    Not much explanation needed there. I'm never going to heal on my own. I need God's heart in order for mine to heal from their wounds. Amazing the design of the Heavenly Father that we were truly meant to work together… He IN me, together.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus, for reaching my heart today through my little girl.

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