1. Did you lose weight while on the 40day fast? My metabolism was fine until the last few years. How can one be 5'5", weigh 110 lbs.(slightly more or less on any day)
    & the jeans are too tight. Nope,it's not the dryer. My #1 laundry rule is to NEVER put my jeans in the dryer. When I was your age my body fat was 10.7%. I had to start taking a RX regularly & it went up to 12.?%. If yours is 27%, I don't think that I even want to know what mine is now. BTW, doesn't that fall in the normal range for a woman?(in that age group)Don't be too hard on yourself, you look fantastic! Of course, I was devastated when my body fat changed. LoL! I was never told about how much wound change when I got older. Recently one of my K/6 kids ask me if my pic on my badge was when I was older:D Yup, a lot has changed in four short years. And I knew that he meant when I was younger. Sigh… BuT GoD has given me much:)))))))

  2. Thanks Sandy! I really needed to read this, laugh and more than anything else RELATE!!!!!

    I was wondering myself how it is that I am not eating all the junk I was eating 6 months ago, no diet pepsi for 6 WHOLE MONTHS, organic food and well a little indulgence with the halloween candy but not that much — just some sweet tarts and jaw breakers (I eat what no one else likes). how is it that my clothes is tighter? Argh!!!! And I promise, I have not eaten a key lime pie nor had a can of pringles.

    I, too, enter rooms and have no idea how I got there or why I was even there in the first place. Sometimes, I enter the room and say, "geez, where am I?" And then realize, "oh, yeah, this is my kitchen and I came here to take my million vitamins for mental clarity".

    I would love to workout with a trainer. I have thought long and hard how I could manage it with my schedule. I actually fantasize about it at work while my butt is getting bigger and I keep eyeing the candy bin — which requires exercise to go to.

    I have to do something. I refuse to buy bigger clothes. Which means, that I will start to look really really funny soon if I don't do something. That stuffed sausage look is not really flattering. And bulging muffin tops is not the latest fashion must have.

    So bring on the tips and I hope you do well. Yes, give your dryer a hug and kick your scale a couple times for me.

  3. YOU are hilarious!!! You put into words all my thoughts. Two weeks ago, I got on the scale and weighed higher than ever too…(really—one day it was up 2 lbs and the next it was down–no, I didn't have any reason to fluctuate that day) but I told John and he said–something is not right…then he stepped on and said the dreaded—nope, I weigh this every day!!! YIKES…so I am exercising again! and the eating well—it's a struggle of my flesh!!!! REALLY!!
    Cheers to your trainer–how fun!!
    Thanks for the post—I feel the same—and I don't even have a dryer to blame—I think the air must have shrunk mine–haha!!

  4. I wanted to say what a sweet Christian spirit you show by allowing other to copy things on your blog. I always wonder when I see warning about coping things on a Christian blog. It seems they would want their posts copied so more people can see then and help spread the gospel. Thanks, Doylene

  5. I linked up today! finally.

    I will be sending many your way, Lord willing. And I will be back to read your letter from your metabolism. jeje

    big hugs
    Dani Joy

  6. Sandy, I loved this post! And frankly, I can so identify. I understand that darn metabolism. I am at my highest weight of my life. I need to lose 15 pounds but for me that's a lot. I know lots of people who have much to lose think that's nothing but I've always been consistent in exercising and eating healthy. Until recently …

    Thanks for your honesty and transparency. And best of all you do it with such humor. I need that right now.

    Love you,

  7. Hang in there… everyone hits these points!

    I laughed out loud at the scale thing. When I came back from having my surgery and weighed myself the next morning, I swear I got off and back on it at least 10 times… I even got my 5 lb dumbell and put it on there to see if it was currect. I had gained 10 lbs in water weight from the IV… at least it all went away.

  8. You are so funny!

    I love your honesty and stuff. You are so real 🙂

    The other day…I was watching the Dr.Oz show…and he said that while it is true that your metabolism slows down as you get older….it is also true that an 18 year old and a 60 year old have the same endurance. So while its harder to burn off those calories as we age….it is good to know that we still have our stamina 🙂 I thought that was interesting!

    Have a GREAT weekend, Fitness Friday Girl!

    Kate 🙂

  9. Sandy,

    While you're at it, couldn't hurt to have your thyroid checked.

    I'm getting older, too, and my weight is definitely the highest it's ever been in my life. Sigh. I have no excuse, though, since I hate to exercise.

  10. Sandy, you just have such a way of writing that draws me in! Love it!

    I totally can relate. I unfortunately believed a lie that I couldn´t get back to the way I was, but will believe that lie no longer. We don´t have to succumb to the fat. PTL.

    I would like to get my body fat tested.

    I have people telling me though now that I am too thin. which I know isn´t true but it gets me thinking. Had someone tell me today that my face is getting gaunt. I still weight 130lbs. what´s up with that. I weighed 117 in college and no one ever told me my face was gaunt!! Oh and I had someone tell me I was obsessed with my weight now. Why? Just because I want to be my best for the service of the Lord, my family and myself?

    Ok.. there´s my vent. Thanks for linking me up.

    oh about the water. I had signs of water intoxication this week. I started Jillian Michael´s peaking diet last WEd. Drank 3 liters of water with a little grean tea in some and then cran. juice in another liter. Well, by WEd. night I had a head ache. by Thurs. I was nausious and white as a ghost. slept 4 extra hours, but the preasure in my head and the nausia wouldn´t go away. Any ideas? I did a lot of reading on water intoxication and believe I had a touch of it. But Sarah says she drinks 5 L. a day. and normal water intoxication happens when a person drinks it all at once.

    Thanks, Sandy and I pray your New old leaf stays turned! 🙂

    Cruchin´it with ya,
    Dani Joy

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