1. Nicely done – as usual! I laughed out loud on the pictures… I guess I'm the girl in black 🙂

    Great info on calling Dr first especially with her RA! Anything low impact is good for her!

    Every time I read your writing I am amazed. The way you word stuff, the humor…. everything. You know I'm thinking them, but you spit them out so easily. Your awesome, and I'm glad I can call you FRIEND!

  2. Thanks for this outstanding post, FFG! This is so helpful! I can relate to "Unfit Girl" on so many levels, so this was great for me to read.
    Loved Sarah's post as well.
    You both are so energetic… it's a little intimidating. It's a good thing you're so nice!
    I like the walking advice… we've had some great weather, so maybe I'll put my sneakers on and get some fresh air.

    Hey, I was also thinking… haven't I seen somewhere that they make weights that strap around your wrists? Can you exercise with them the same way as hand weights? Curls and such? Maybe that would be better for someone with RA since they wouldn't have to hold anything in their hands. What do you think?

    FFG rules! She's right up there with Wonder Woman!


  3. A word of encouragement for anyone thinking they are too old, or it is too late…

    I use to train 70 and 80 year olds!!! It's NEVER to late. They were some of my most dedicated clients, focused on strength and flexibility.

    You can do it!!!

  4. Sandy, you are too funny! I think you did such a great job answering her questions and providing encouragement to get started.

    I was especially glad to see that you recommended she consult her doctor given her arthritis. Often arthritis symptoms can be lessened with certain exercises too.

    She should be off to a good start between you and Sarah. I am off to visit Sarah now.

    I missed posting on this Fitness Friday but I know that you two did great.

    Sandy, I just love your sense of humor. I can't imagine that your book wouldn't get published! Tell them to call me; LOL.

    Love you,

  5. Your post today has been SO educational and helpful to me. I too have been thin my entire life and never needed to exercise. The past few years, I have really committed to exercise again, but the problem is some things really HURT and leave me in pain for days. Reading this helps me to know what exercise might be best for me.

    I have never really done yoga, but is sounds wonderful. Guess I always thought it was "wasting" my valuable exercise time because I was not really working hard and it is SLOW. You inspire me to try it!!!

    Thanks for giving us such valuable information today!!



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