1. Sandy,
    People need to hear this. Thank you for sharing so honestly and yes, I would appreciate your prayers.

  2. Sandy, thank you for your openness and transparency. Since I've been moving this week, I've not listened to the news at all. So I didn't know about her son's suicide. How sad to read this and my heart goes out to Marie Osmond.

    Depression is very real. As you know, I've had my share too. I do not believe it is weak to ask for help. Even Christians can become depressed so I urge people to seek help and if medication is needed …take it.

    Love you friend,

  3. Depression is very real! I am so sad for Marie! I cannot imagine how a mother would deal not only with the loss but a suicidal loss at that!
    So glad you were able to get help and in turn help others! That brings so much glory to the Lord when we can minister straight from the understanding of the pain!

    Bless you

  4. O girl … how timely. I have just come off of mediation for depression and the journey has been gruelsome – the withdrawal and depression that has accompanied this has, often times, been more than I could bear. Thank God for friends who will walk the journey with you.
    I will take you up on the prayer, Sandy. Could I ask you to pray for me as I continue to walk through this 'dark night of my soul'?
    Thank You!

  5. great post, sandy. great. timely. i was pondering my battle with depression this morning. so glad i know all the things i need to do so cancer doesn't leave me dry, alone and depressed. i love you and i'd meet you at marie's right now if i could

  6. It is so frustrating to have a friend who suffers from depression. I have a friend who suffers from depression, anxiety AND alcoholism. I recently expressed my concern to her and now she's not talking to me. NOW what do I do???

  7. I got here from Sita's comment on FB.

    Lovely post. I have a dear friend who is struggling with depression. Your post encouraged me to not give up on her.

    Thank you…


  8. Great post, Sandy.

    I have to add my voice and say that

    They are preventable! People need to know that, just like you've stressed in this post.

    God bless

  9. Thank you so much dear sister in Christ for sharing this much needed topic… I too suffer depression on and off over the years…My teenage grandson has thought about suicide and is in treatment now… It is so difficult.. You want to make it all better for them.. but we cannot. Thank you for telling people that it's okay to get help. It is not always spiritual… it can be chemical.

    God bless you dear…

  10. Sita and Dottie: I prayed for you several times today. Thank you for asking me. I will continue to pray–please keep me posted on how you are doing.

    Terri: I'm not totally sure, but with your friend, I'm thinking your biggest problem may be the alcoholism. That brings a whole new dimension to the depression and anxiety. Your friend has a chemical dependency on top of a mental illness. If I were you, I'd call Alanon and see what they say to do. I think you did the right thing. But in the end, your friend needs to receive the love and support you are offering. You can't make her do it.

    And to everyone else: Thank you for all your heart-felt comments. You all are wonderful.


  11. Sandy,

    This is an answered prayer for me today. Thank you, and I would appreciate your prayers.

    I pray that God continues to use you for his glory!!

    God bless you

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