1. That is one cute cheerleader!

    You're right, real time stuff is majorly inspiring. And if, say, you were to lead a group of us in some sort of challenge… Well, that might just be enough to inspire me to get off my duff. I love me a good challenge (but it's hard to stay accountable when it's anonymous – since I "know" you and have met you IRL, there's a bit more accountability there).

    How was that for an insane, run-on, parenthetical sentence? 🙂

  2. Oh my dear friend, how I feel your pain and your gain!

    Thank you for sharing your journey as you live it. It's not always easy but I am sure there are plenty of us out here that will be inspired, motivated and encouraged through it. It's incredible how God can use our processes — in process — to minister to others.

    I've been focusing on getting healthy — not even trying to look hot in my jeans, but just healthy for the sake of health, my life and that of my son…

    Still trying to find the time, energy and will to exercise. But have managed to cut out a lot of calories and 8 lbs off my butt, waiste and thighs. Now, I just have another 20 to go. 🙂

    So please insight, direction and Divine Inspiration!!!

  3. oh no!! it doesn´t sound like much Sandy when you say only 300 calories more a day but you are burning those! I think you do have to look at the thyroid or something. maybe the 40 day fast did make your body think you were starving and now it´s packing on for the next one. hmmmm…. I wonder what it is. Now I am going to be so curious.

    I linked up today. I have been fluctuating those 3 pounds lately. I need to get them off.

    I have burned over 2,000 calories this week! I know that from my new watch! It´s so cool.

    WEll, I will be praying for you as you get all checked out. Pray that it´s nothing serious and can be identified. Mean while… I think you look wonderful!! 😉

    Dani Joy

  4. ET: I just may take you up on the challenge to pose a challenge. But first let me make sure I don't have some sort of medical issue. Because then the challenge may be "did everyone take their thyroid meds today?"

    Ana: I'm so proud of you and your 8 pounds. I, too, focus on being healthy and not losing weight…I think that's the best way to do it.

    Dani Joy: Wow…2000 cals a day? You rock.

  5. Love your blog! Seems we have quite a few things in common. My degree is in corporate wellness, have experienced the pain of losing babies (due to miscarriage), and am battling the weight gain issue (although I'm fairly certain mine has to do with the huge meals I ate while on vacation in Maui…)At any rate, I look forward to your next post! Go bless you abundantly!!

  6. So I had to buy a new swimsuit today….yeah. I hear ya.
    Tonight when putting my almost 6 year old to bed, she patted my belly and said maybe there is a baby in there and you just don't know. I love that girl and she loves me enough to say that in privacy!

    Thanks for being real!

  7. I'm thinking thyroid could be it – I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (sp?) in my early 20's after being tired, gaining weight, always being cold, etc. After about a month I felt a huge difference. I'm on a very low daily dosage but it's amazing the difference it makes. I went to two different dr.s before I was diagnosed correctly.
    P.S. Hang in there – weight gain when you're doing healthy things is SO frustrating!

  8. Dani…2000 cals a day seemed outrageous, but I know you are crazy work out girl, so I believed you. 🙂

    Maria…nice to meet you! I'll be over to check out your blog. It does sound like we have a lot in common. Love it.

    Oh dear…your comment made me laugh out loud.

    Mindy…thans for the first hand experience. I'm cold and tired too, but I just explained it away because it's freezing outside and I get up at 5 am. Now, I wonder…

  9. Sandy… I LOVE how open you are. I have this issue as well (not wanting to be open about weight gain) I gained 2-4 lbs with each business trip I took, but then got it back off… but it's still something I didn't want to broadcast!

    I have thought something was going on with your body when we discussed this a few months back. I wouldn't be surprised to see that you have hypothyroid. Hopefully you will get some answers from you lab work. I hope you know I'm here for you (since you and I share the exact same feelings about this matter).

    I'm praying for you girl. And even though this is a serious matter, your post still had me laughing at things like… "Did I eat one of my kids?" and "Are you a closet binger?… No.. I binge openly!" You crack me up!

    Love and miss you girl! Hang in there!

    PS… I LOVE the look at your blog. I haven't told you this in a while. Everytime I get on it, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling!

  10. A good laugh for me this morning…not AT you. WITH you.
    Last August I had my article "The Summer of My Blueberry Cobbler" published on the Proverbs31 website. My blueberry cobbler weight gain was not muscle, either.

  11. Just for your information. I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism when I was pregnant with Drew, 9 years ago. I take medication daily. Just maybe another wonderful family trait.?.?
    Jennifer Burton

  12. oh, to only have 18 pounds to worry about. I commend you. I pray for you and look forward to cheering you on. I wouldn't want you to become me. selahV

  13. i am laughing and i need to laugh! i noticed when i hit age 39 ahem that i needed to eat less, work out more and just try harder in general to keep the weight i wanted.

    then i got cancer. the cancer diet has proven highly effective at losing weight. it diminishes your appetite. haha you can laugh, i had to find a silver lining somewhere…i lost those last 15 pounds i'd been hanging onto rather quickly.

    praying for your tests. seriously.

  14. oh man…no fun…you have managed to make it funny in your words though! I look forward to hearing if anything comes back from you bloodtests…does Vit. D deficiency cause weight problems…I was diagnosed as severely deficient earlier in the year…I'm trying to battle some baby bulge still, so just curious…

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