1. I miss you already! I had sooooo much fun stalking "media" personale with you! 😉

    Please remember to email me photos…by the way we never did get one of the two of us together…guess that means you need to go to the "She Speaks" conference with me in July. LOL.

    Love you dear friend. Remember, one of us is going to become famous so we can endorse the other to notoriety too! (hmmmm is that how you spell notoriety?)

    Oh well, great post. I felt like I was back at the conference…ONLY WITHOUT all the pressure!

  2. How exciting! Thanks for sharing the details of the conference.

    My favorite silly song has got to be The Cheeseburger song. The video is the best and actually now the song will be stuck in my head. thanks!

  3. I have two:
    Where is my hairbrush & Song of the Zebu.
    And I, too, am singing oh where is my hairbrush, oh where is my hairbrush?

    Thanks for the give away.

  4. Meeting Phil Vischer would have been my highlight too! I still loove Veggie Tales, and sometimes(kind of) joke with my young teenage son about watching some episodes at home on a movie night(he'd rather not). I have often told my husband that he could easily create Veggie Tale stories as he can be just as silly! I heard that Phil's book is very good, and would love to read it.
    I get the biggest kick out of the "Hairbrush" song. It's so silly and so meaningful at the same time. Giving up what we love but don't need….sugar anyone?

    Connie, Winnipeg

  5. What an awesome experiance! So many authors in on place would make me go crazy too! jeje

    So glad to have you back though.

    I really pray your book gets past all the check points.

    My favorite Larry song is "Where is my Hair brush?"

    Great giveaway!
    Dani Joy

  6. Congratulations on your success with three publishers. I'm voting for Moody Press, as my daughter works for Moody Media (the radio ministry of Moody.)

    My favorite song is "Oh Where is My Hairbrush." I have a fun memory of doing this song with puppets for children in Scotland, ages ago.

  7. O Sandy . . . I always smile inside when I read your Posts. You are such a delight: sweet, talented, funny, 'light' carrier – I know they were all blessed for you to show up at this conference. So good to know you!

  8. Congratulations on your proposal being accepted by not one, not two, but THREE publishers. I will be praying as it moves through the process. You are so funny… this post made me laugh.Which is why I want to win the book. I love to sing silly songs and read to my sweet grandbaby. Alas, I don't yet know the VegieTale silly songs as they weren't invented when my children were little. All the more reason to learn them all now, I say. So pick me so I can be the silly and current Nanna. Thankyouverymuch!

  9. How amazing to have your proposal in the works! Love those authors you were able to listen to and speak with.

    And I LOVE Phil Vischer! Anyone who can come up with that many voices and characters is at the top of my list.

  10. Hi!! So glad we are friends on facebook now! 🙂 You know Megan??? I'm wondering how! It is such a small world!

    Anyway, my favorite silly song, although I love them all, is I LOVE MY LIPS…….

    Love you!

    Tammy Nischan

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