1. What a great list! I definitely relate to not ironing hubby's clothes. But I don't desire that AT ALL! (ha-ha!) I do a few things from the list (trying to be a better couponer, etc) but I know I can't have it all and am coming to terms with that myself, especially after a very busy week last week and feeling close to unraveling (sp?) Trying to slow down alot more this week – so far it's going okay 🙂

  2. Both your post and hers have got me thinking. When I was leading women's ministry, the lines were more clear about what I needed to say no to. But now that we've moved and I no longer have that role, I need to re-think everything I do. Time to make a list (my favourite thing) and pray over it! Probably at 5:30 tomorrow morning…

  3. If you don't separate your whites from your colors…the worse thing that is going to happen is that your whites will turn a pale color of something else that bled. And well, everything in your wash wuold be that color too. In most cases…nothing happens. Your whites come out clean.

    Obviously, you shouldn't use bleach but otherwise…I don't think people will notice if you didn't sort your laundry. 🙂 At least no one has stopped me and said your whites look dingy or it's obvious you don't sort your clothes.

  4. Mindy and ET, I think it's wise to re-evaluate our lists often. There are a few things on that list that I know I'm setting aside for a very short season (like singing on the worship team), and other things I know I won't do until all kids are older and in school (like cook from scratch nightly.)

    Ana…your laundry wisdom never ceases to amaze me. Did you take a class or something?


  5. There is so much wisdom, Sandy, in your thoughts on balance. I love the intentionality of praying through and choosing what you will and will not do and sticking to it. I don't hear any "I am a victim" here or "if you are godly your list will look just like mine." I find that very refreshing. And right now I am praying about what my summer is to look like. Thanks for the inspiration.

    LAUNDRY: if you don't want to sort you must wash in COLD water. And then don't throw in brand new red things or brand new jeans.

    SO glad that blogging is still on your list ~ I love reading and thinking through your blog. THANKS.

  6. Glenda, you are so precious to me…your comment was way too generous. Thank you.

    And the reason there are 30 things I "don't" do is partially because I blog. Don't worry. I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon. I'm thrilled someone actually cares about that decision.

    And the whites…I'm thinking little boy sox and little girl underwear would get very dingy if washed in cold along with navy blue school uniforms. Which,I suppose, is no more a crime than having weeds in my flower beds and a giant pile of old papers on my desk.

    Sweet blessings to you as you plan out your summer.


  7. Seems like we women/moms constantly need to reprioritize our lists. It's so easy to remove one thing from the list and replace it with something else equally meaningless!

  8. Well said Sandy. I was reading through your list thinking "that's why my life DOES feel so out of balance"- because I am STILL trying to do a lot of those things, raise little kiddos, and follow my passion, which is to write!!!

    I have been cutting coupons, trying to plant vegetables, exercising for more than 1/2 an hour on a lot of days (1/2 marathon training!), sleeping till 7, going to women's events at church, driving to different grocery stores!

    I know these are all good things, but life feels CRAZY lately…I'm printing this post out and putting it above my writing desk!!!

    As silly as it sounds, it helps to hear that other people are giving things up too…saying no to things we think we have to say "yes" too…

    I'm still trying to fit it all in and it's NOT working!

    by the way, you're "American" "Idol" listing was cute!

    question…what time do you go to bed that you get up at 5:30? Getting to bed is the hardest part for me sometimes!

    p.s. I think you could turn all of these "balancing life posts" into a book!! This post could be a couple chapters in and of itself!

  9. This list is why I love you, why I get you and it makes me feel a little freer just to read it!!

    For the last week and the next five, I only do this one thing. Fight cancer. That's it. Right now that means (ironically because here I am) I don't visit others' blogs, sort any laundry, unpack boxes, meet my childrens' new teachers, go to the grocery store, cook dinner, pay the bills or any other ordinary daily task. I look forward to doing all of them again one day. Maybe.

    Great post! xoxoxo

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