1. So basically unbalance comes when you're doing what others tell you you should be doing and not following what God is telling you even if it takes you down an unfamiliar path.

  2. Not confused at all! I love it! And subscribe to your theory on parenting a newborn! I was in the same place you were by the time my first daughter came along. All I wanted was to spend every possible minute with her. I even took both of them to work with me the first 8months of their little lives and carried them around on my chest! When they were little, sometimes that meant they fell asleep on Daddy, if, due to his work, the only real time they got him was asleep on his chest. It worked for our family and our situation. To this day we make sure that playdates, ministry and activities don't come at the expense of our time with each other. As a result, our life doesn't look like the experts say it should. But I have happy, healthy, confident little ones who do great on their own, I think because they've spent so much time with us.

  3. Oh, Sandy, you made me tear up, thanks! It's been a different kind of day with my Noah, long story. But as we drove home from some appointments with him I watched him sleep in his car seat (hubby was driving) and realized there is only one opinion that matters and that is God's. And my children are in God's hands and as their mommy it is my responsibility to listen to Him in regard to them. Thank you for affirming that today. The first comment said it so well.
    I also subscribe to your baby rearing ways. They are only that little for such a short time. I love to feel their weight on my chest as they sleep. Nothing better! How amazing to have those incredible memories to cherish forever with your sweet Noah.
    PS~Thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog! You are awesome!

  4. Thanks for sharing this wise advice, Sandy…

    Your conclusion…"Only He can poke and prod us toward balance—whatever that means for our season or our day."…really says it all…

  5. What a beautiful post, Sandy! I never would have thought to say it quite that way . . . but I loved it ~ how can we be imbalanced if we are obeying God.

    I must set aside some more time for listening . . .

  6. P.S. It is so fun to see my sweet young friend (and former ministry partner), Emily on here.

    She is a lovely mom and don't know how she always beats me to commenting on this, one of our mutually favorite blogs.

    Hi Emily!

  7. I totally agree that sometimes "balance" is totally giving yourself to the most important task at hand and letting the "temporary" go undone in order to cherish the "forever."

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