1. Great post Sanday! This sounded so much like my life! LOL! At one point in the season after two children I would do all the laundry on a Saturday but then it would sit in baskets waiting to be folded and put away. Now I sort all my laundry on Friday night, wash a load, maybe two. On Saturday I will wash a couple of loads, depending on our schedule for that day. The rest of the week I try to do at least one load a day – wash, dry, fold and put away. It's working for me. The kids are responsible for putting away their own clothes. Now that's another story! And, I too, put in an early request for a husband who can do ironing, as well as cooking and grocery shopping! I am truly blessed!!

  2. Loved this post! My trick for laundry with 2 children (one including a daughter who loves to changes 75 times a day) is to fold it straight from the dryer. My 11 year old folds and puts away his own laundry. I just started this month with my 5 year old daughter-she now puts away her own laundry. This has made a huge dent in my load (no pun intended :)). Then for the rest, I do one load a day and I have been successful in avoiding Mt. Laundry this way!

  3. Hey Sandy!!! I was just thinking this week how I used to only do laundry once a week when it was just me and one dog. Now, with ONE child, I do laundry at least every other day. Yep! Every other day!

    I don't always fold right away because — it's just me and sometimes I'm just too pooped. So I do run the dryer for an extra 10 before I fold.

    Which reminds me, there is a load in my dryer now. I have the "cleaning" rags to wash tonight — with 2 little dogs who pee 75 times a day all over my floor, I go through cleaning rags FAST.

    Personally — I've always like doing laundry. I love the smell of Tide and Downey (and yes, I hvae stopped making my own detergent. You were right, there is an entire aisle at the supermarket). I've never really liked putting my clothes away but love the smell of clean laundry!

    I love laying in a bed of freshly laundered sheets. I love putting on clothes that is just from the dryer clean. I love drying in towels that are so Downey fresh. I just hate putting it away.

    But for the life of me, I just can't figure out why I am doing so much more laundry now than before? I mean, he's only 3 feet tall. His clothes is not that big.

    Somehow the demands of laundering for me plus child is similar to the demand of my listing to God for me plus child.

  4. I love this practical post! And thanks for reminding us that all of life is sacred – even doing laundry. Reminds me of the book Practicing the Presence of God ~ where the monk, Brother Lawrence, peeled potatoes for God.

  5. Ana, I like the smell of laundry too. Especially, when I walk outside and smell it coming from the dryer exhaust. It's the little things…

    And I'm happy to hear you are back to buying pre-made laundry detergent. I read a few more things on making your own and the annual savings is minimal. I find that paying for convenience is sometimes worth every penny.

    Glenda: Exactly. That's it exactly.


  6. This was a great post! So much I can relate too… especially the "one is one, two is ten"…I was just having this conversation with my sister…we both had our second child within the last year and have both been wondering how laundry suddenly became such a LARGE issue!!! How did it go from manageable to feeling unmanageable with one little child…I personally think it's all those itsy bitsy socks- they drive me crazy!!

  7. i can't believe i missed this post! [i haven't been reading blogs…i will be back soon to really read that interview with your SIL. very cool.]

    i actually take laundry and use it as a prayer stop. i pray for whichever person's clothes i'm folding. 🙂

    i also had a friend who was having trouble conceiving and she shared that she longed for all the laundry a baby produces. pretty much changed my view of the never-ending chore. it is EVIDENCE that i have been blessed with family.

  8. I love this practical post! And thanks for reminding us that all of life is sacred – even doing laundry. So much I can relate too… I actually take laundry and use it as a prayer stop. i pray for whichever person’s clothes I’m folding. Here I also write a similar topic as yours

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