1. Your successful mom dialogue sounds just like mine – learning (slowly!) to turn that voice off:) Thanks for always being so encouraging and transparent!

    P.S. You sound like a great mom – and I already know you’re a terrific blogger!

    1. Thanks Mindy. That definition of a “Successful Mom” is fake. No one can keep a clean house AND be skinny AND be good a crafts. It would just be too unfair. 🙂 Thanks for always leaving the nicest and most affirming comments.

  2. beautiful post, sandy.
    I try to keep this in my head: this is real life, not a magazine article.
    but I most definitely get bogged down.
    I refuse to do things that I feel aren’t “right” — I seem to have a very black and white opinion of what is ethical and what isn’t — and in the past few years have greatly changed my version of business/blogging success. My version started just like yours, and while I have definitely achieved great things, I refuse to do anything that doesn’t feel right. I feel good about my choices, but sometimes wonder if they are holding me back.
    but I can’t cross certain lines; I just can’t. I adore you. xoxo

    1. I’ve often repeated your mantra, “this is real life, not a magazine article” to myself. I have also shared that with other women when I’ve taught on balance. I would love for you to expand upon, “I feel good about my choices, but wonder if they are holding me back.” What choices and how do you think they are holding back?

      I adore you, too, friend.

  3. Sandy,
    Good post and a tough issue to always deal with. I know we want to make an impact and it is nice to know when we do. I think we should try to stay focused on doing that which we know is right. I often remind myself that God may only want me to reach one person while I walk this earth and if that is all he wants then who am I to think that that is not worthy? It is easy to get caught up in wanting to have those things that mark what some people think is being successful. I desire them at times too; I fight being jealous about some of those trappings at times.
    I know you are making an impact Sandy. I appreciate what you do! I know your husband and children are blessed by you.

  4. I hear what you are saying, Mark, but honestly, it would be very difficult for me to believe that God wanted me (or anyone) to reach only one person. I believe He gives us gifts and talents in order to serve others, build the kingdom and complete the Body of Christ. I think the Church needs what I have to offer and I need what everyone else has to offer. I think it’s my duty as a Christian to find ways to invest my gifts into Kingdom work.

    I do struggle with jealousy at times, but I think my bigger struggle is trying to figure out how much God is asking me to step out of my comfort zone and how much He’s trying to hold me back from running myself straight into a wall because I took on so much stuff.

    Thanks for always having an encouraging comment, Mark. 🙂

  5. I’m about to make a hockey reference. Which may only serve to remind everyone that I am from Alberta Canada commenting on a blog from Kentucky. But whatever. Hopefully you will still like it 🙂
    Hockey Hall-of-Famer Pavel Bure (the Russian rocket) was once asked in an interview how he felt being more successful than his bother Valerie (also an NHL alumni, now a winemaker married to Candace Cameron Bure). His response was inspiring. He said that one could argue his brother was the more successful one. He was happily married to a beautiful woman with a wonderful family, and still got to play hockey for money. So what if his single childless brother had more awards or notoriety.
    The world defines success in a weird way. We need reminders like this post to stay focused on what really matters.

    1. What is this “hockey” you speak of. Is that anything like college basketball? Because here in Kentucky, it’s the only sport that matters.

      (thank you…that was a WONDERFUL analogy)

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