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  1. Watch, Water, Weed, Wait, Welcome:

    I grew up on a farm and I realize that there are no short cuts on the farm. When you plant something you have to do all the steps. You can not just throw the seeds out and sit back and expect to harvest anytime soon. You must prepare the soil, you have to plant the seed properly, you then water and add nutrients, later you are encouraged when the plant pokes its head above ground and shouts I m here for the party, you watch for weeds and deal with them on multiple occasions, you water again, you check for disease, you prune if you have to, and you wait,
    Then you Welcome the fruit of your labor. There aint no shortcuts on the farm. There aint no shortcuts developing character and integrity. We watch our kids, we water them with ideas and instruction, we weed out their bad habits and help them in their struggles, we wait, we repeat often, and we wait. And then we welcome with warmth in our heart fruit when she says look mom look dad.

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