1. Great post, Sandy!

    Sparkpeople.com has a channel on youtube with free fitness workouts. You can find the 30-day Shred on youtube too.

    For those of us who have very limited space, resistance bands are an inexpensive tool!

  2. YAY!

    Fitness Friday is awesome 😉

    I don't work out at a gym either – and honestly, I think I do better working out at home or outside or something rather than a fitness club. Also, I get the Cooking Light magazine and it always has a series of at-home workouts in it – targeting specific areas – and I add that to my daily workouts to change things up a bit 🙂

    You inspire me 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Anther reason to love you; you are a flip-flop girl like me and I have been known to fall down the stairs. As a kid, that's why my mom sent me to dance classes. She thought I'd be a klutz my whole life. The dance helped but occasionally I still trip too.

    I linked to you today. I was late in getting my fitness Friday post up though. I never sleep late but… and I forgot to schedule my post to publish. Go figure.

    Anyhoo, I posted the best gazpacho recipe on this earth. So, you MUST check it out. Love you and still praying about your manuscript.

  4. Amen sister!!! I do have a membership at the Y from my husband's work, but I mainly do it all from home! I haven't been to the gym in over 3 weeks, but I have worked out Monday-Friday of every week from home. You gave so much good info!

  5. I went garage saleing with my mom a few weeks ago and have a great cheap exercise equipment story…

    Last stop of the hot morning, babies fussy and hungry, but crazy ladies must stop. 2 pieces of equipment for sale, recumbent bike and stair master, $40 a piece. Mom looks around a bit (shopping for a recumbent because of recent knee surgery). I'm nursing a baby. 2 year old watching a DVD… we know how to roll! Anyway, she comes back and says they'll take $40 for both, they're too hot to run the sale anymore and just want to get rid of the stuff. My PT personality kicks in gear and goes and checks it out. Definitely a must have on the recumbent, she doesn't need a stair master, though. With husbands climbing a mountain that weekend and 2 little ones with us we had no way to get in home. Seeing how serious we were about buying the equipment the lady says I'll sell you the bike for $20 and if you take the stair master off our hands, too, my husband will deliver it them to your house for only a $10 delivery fee. SOLD!!! Less than a week later my mom sold the stair master on Craigslist for $40… she has her recumbent bike for physical therapy, plus $10 in her pocket for next weeks garage sales!!!

  6. I use the Shred level 3 and alternate with Cardio Max level 1 six days a week. I feel like I am no longer seeing results – just maintaining. I wonder if I would benefit from the Yoga DVD you mention. I have "issues" and shouldn't do high impact stuff.
    What would the yoga do for me?

  7. Great post! How great that you were able to share free ways to workout. There's always pressure to buy that certain something on TV to help you get fit.

    Sorry to hear you fell down the stairs. I did that a few years back, but the ones I fell down were cement and I broke my elbow into 4 pieces.

  8. Melanie:

    It’s amazing you do level 3 of the Shred and can’t do high impact.

    Do you modify?

    It’s definitely time to change it up, if you aren’t seeing results any longer. I personally don’t do that yoga DVD, but I do know the Firm puts out a good product and threw it in my recommendations for variety. As far as how it will benefit you…yoga is low impact and will increase flexibility and strength and is fantastic for stress release. There is very little (probably no) cardio benefit, so if you add yoga, be sure to still do something that works your cardio vascular system.


  9. Just wanted to share a fitness tip with you. It's called fit deck and there web site is http://www.fitdeck.com

    Basically for 14.99 you can buy a set of fifty cards in a plastic box. Each card has an exercise on it.

    There are many different set's of cards. There is one for the playground, one for mom's with strollers, body weight exercises,cards all about stretching, etc…

    The two I use the most are the stretch and the body weight.

    I keep them in my purse and when I have a few extra mintues I can pull them out, choose a card or two and do the exercises on them.

    Great way to sneak in a workout.


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