1. Oh Sandy 🙂

    I needed that tonight – it actually confirmed a few things for me. It confirmed that I need to shake off a few characteristics that I feel God has been trying to rid me of. Lord, I hear you 🙂

    I've been doing a lot of thinking lately – about what I am passing on to my kids and what I want them to learn and such while I raise them. And this post just really hit home, Sandy. Thank you, girl 🙂

    And by the way – thank you so much for the sweet comment you and your daughter left on my latest post! To answer your question – my daughters name is Jeslyn Abigail 🙂 Her Daddy picked it!

    Have a wonderful week and know that I am praying for all of your book stuff!

    Kate 🙂

  2. Hey girl….You totally rock!! I miss your annointed teaching! When can I book you for a women's conference? I really miss seeing and chatting with you. I will call this week….I PROMISE!!

  3. Sandy, there are some days when I feel like I'm constantly bombarded by other people's baggage. I know it's not intentional and I pray for them. I don't mean to sound though like I'm perfect by any means. I'm sure I have my own.

    But I long to truly feel free in Christ. I remember a friend gave me a tape early on in my walk with the Lord and it was about being who God intended us to be. He described it like a dog running free or picking up the scent of a rabbit and how he can't help but run after it.

    Anyway at the time I loved the example. LOL. I just don't want any hindrances like worrying about what others think or having to be perfect, etc. I want to please my Lord and let Him deal with others.

    Thanks for this Sandy.

  4. I try to spread freedom, but I don't know how successful I am. Re the prophet in one's own land (the problem that Jesus had), it is a ubiquitous phenomenon even today. Once I had heard about a guest lecturer coming to town, and I wanted to send some of the teachers who worked for me to his seminar. I called and asked if I could attend, too. He laughed and said, "Sure, but I am using your materials." I laughed and said, "Great. Perhaps my employees will accept the materials better coming from you!" 🙂

  5. Good word, my friend – I'll be sharing this with a few people I know! It feels good to be free, eh?! Makes it worth the effort of STAYING free.

  6. A lot of this hit home for me as I struggle and pray through having deep meaningful "face to face" relationships with other women. We have to be careful to be real and authentic, yet at the same time remember to always praise God when we are sharing, so that our "baggage" doesn't leave others feeling overwhelmed with negativity– just overwhelmed at God's faithfulness. Love this and love you!

  7. Lots of food for thought to digest, Sandy. I don't know why we carry these baggages that we are not meant to carry. Do we think we know better than Him? Is it a lack of trust?

    This also ties in with the book I'm reading "Boundaries." We are not to carry other people's baggages. Guilty in this area, too. We think we're helping someone else but we're really getting in the way of what God wants to teach them.

    So many things to learn…

  8. I have a mental picture of you slugging your diaper bag around. My mom has a purse and a craft bag that she lugs everywhere. When she goes out for the evening, it looks like she is spending the night somewhere. My dad and I think it is hilarious! Thanks for that laugh.

    And how sobering is it that our own baggage affects others, and we can let other's baggage influence us. I am loving this series!

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