1. Mark–I don’t always use whole grain flour, but I ALWAYS use unbleached flour. I’ve had a hard time finding bread recipes that taste good with only whole wheat flour–though, I admit, I haven’t tried very hard. So I tend to use half unbleached white and half whole wheat.

  1. I also get upset that we eat things in the US that other countries have either banned or required PSAs on. I think the US is run by the chemical and food companies sometimes.

    Many of these things my husband is not allowed to eat due to prostate and bladder disease. It makes me wonder why nothing is said until someone is disabled.

    On the flip side we are all becoming more educatedand I think it’s slowly making a difference.

  2. I think your info on flour is off: It’s not bleaching that makes white flour less nutritious. There is no difference in nutrition between bleached white flour and unbleached white flour–but whole-wheat flour has a LOT more fiber and somewhat more protein and calcium than white flour. What makes white flour less nutritious is the removal of some parts of the grain.

    The reason to avoid bleached flour is to avoid EATING BLEACH, which seems to me like an incredibly stupid thing to do, so I can’t imagine why the majority of white flour in supermarkets is bleached! The difference in color is so small, I don’t see why anybody cares.

    I use unbleached white flour sometimes, but mostly I use whole-wheat even if a recipe calls for white. Here is a recipe for quick bread that uses whole-wheat flour and lots of other healthy ingredients: Raisin Bran Bread.

    1. Becca, you are absolutely correct. I went back and read how I worded that, and yes, it sounds like I was saying the bleaching process strips the flour of the nutrients. That isn’t what I meant. I meant that all bleached flour is highly processed (there is no such thing as bleached whole grain flour) and the processing it goes through strips it of its nutrients AND then it is bleached–and then went on to name the bleaching agent and talked about how toxic it is.

      I tried to be as brief as possible, but in doing so, said it wrong. Thank you for pointing that out. I will edit the post. 🙂

      And I sometimes use unbleached white flour too, but often use whole wheat flour instead or a combination of the two.

      The only time I eat bleached flour is when it is served to me by someone else or in a restaurant. I do not buy it or cook with it.

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