1. Here are a few answers, from a fellow novice…

    The whole Twitter thing…when I did it briefly…
    – I used TweetDeck and found it very user-friendly
    – NO, do not follow everyone who follows you (Michael Hyatt has a great post about this and about how that damages your Klout score…whatever the heck that is)
    – there are some hashtags that trend (kinda like a blog meme), but mostly people make stuff up

    – Hello, I’m one of the two women you mentioned. I waste so much time on Facebook that I don’t have time for a new online hobby.

    Facebook Fan Page…
    – When (ha!) I post, my blog links automatically to both my personal and fan pages. (Thank-you, Networked Blogs.) It also goes on Twitter, apparently. (I thought I quit Twitter, but those posts are still going up. I dunno how!)
    – If I think a comment will interest my friends/family as well as my ‘fans,’ I post it on both feeds. This is rare. I have a couple friends who post the exact same thing on FB, FB fan, and Twit. It annoys me. They have different purposes (though I can’t clearly define what those are), and shouldn’t be treated the same. And hashtags on FB are ridiculous. So are FB status posts that clearly show they were created in Twitter.

    Of course, take anything I have to say with about 2,000 grains of salt. My last blog post was written months ago…

    Seriously, though, Michael Hyatt has some really good posts about Twitter and FB fan and how they’re supposed to work. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I read Michael Hyatt’s book Platform, and he devoted like 3 chapters to Twitter. He’s not a fan of Facebook (no pun intended). But he is a BIG fan of Twitter. I realize that this is perhaps because his entire family is on Twitter and he uses it as a substitute for text and e-mail with his family.

    I heard Simple Mom (Tsh Oxenreider) in a webinar talk about social media, and she said she spends the most time where her readers are–which for her is Facebook and Pinterest, not Twitter.

    Right now, I’m not really sure where my readers are–still looking around and trying to figure that out.

    Thanks for the input. I always love when you chime in and totally miss your blog. So post something already, please.

  3. Oh Sandy, this is just another reason (as if I needed one) why I love you. I am completely clueless about this stuff, too. I’m on Twitter, but not really ON Twitter . . . know what I mean? I try, I really do, but I just hate it. And Pinterest? I get tired of it pretty quickly. Now my sister . . . she’s got over 2,000 followers on Pinterest. And she hasn’t even tried! She’s not into social media at all. Go figure.

  4. This is one of the best posts I have ever read. It is so true!
    I do not Tweet or Pin. I think I have a Twitter account, but I can’t remember the password. Also, it seems like such a similar thing as Facebook…I never could get into it. And what you said about following and stuff? Nailed it…what on earth? I felt the same when I had an Instagram account briefly. I shut it down when some person started following me, and I had NO IDEA who it was. At All. And the picture liked or whatever was of my youngest daughter. It weirded me out. So, for the time being, that was the end of that.
    Plus my phone takes REALLY AWFUL PICTURES. Even Instagram can’t make them good.
    I have been on Pinterest twice. Again, it seems like shopping at Ross with triplets. I don’t even want to do it. Too much sorting. So, for now, I avoid it.
    I have to confess, I love hashtags. I don’t use them (I don’t tweet, and I don’t think they actually serve a function on Facebook, other than to make a statement in a super abbreviated form that is like a mini-one-liner. I like that. I think in hashtags all the time too. It’s pretty funny, to me anyway. 🙂
    I just love what you said about all of it here. Too, too funny!! I love your wit!

    1. I think hashtags are funny, too. Even though I know they don’t serve the same purpose on FB as they do on Twitter, I always chuckle when I see someone use a witty one.

      And thank you for the very generous compliment–So sweet. 🙂

    2. Oh! And I’m so glad you mentioned Instagram–I actually had a blurb about that in my post and then deleted it. I don’t even know what that is, but I hear everyone talking about it. From what you just said, I don’t think I’ll be opening an account there any time soon.

  5. I have always really enjoyed Facebook, and try not to take offense when others criticize it. I don’t spend hours at a time – usually I scroll through my page in under 10 minutes. I will still always be fascinated that I can find my grade school friends that, until 3 years ago, I thought were gone forever since we moved when I was in 5th grade. To me, that is the appeal of Facebook – you can easily keep in touch with the friend that lives 15 minutes away that you still rarely see because of schedules, etc. to the long-lost “whatever happened to them” people from 20 years ago.

    I love Pinterest, but truthfully I don’t spend much time there, and when I do, I normally pin something with the intent of reading it later. Later doesn’t happen much 😉

    I am equally confused by Twitter and Instagram – I think my somewhat ADD brain wouldn’t be able to cope. By the time I check email, fb and blogs, it’s enough stimuli and info to sort through.

    Hope that helps – now I need to sigh off the computer and work out!

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