1. Hi Sandy,
    I believe there is good and bad in all things, you have chosen to use the Internet for a good purpose and for good reasons. Maybe your real friends are just behind the times and don't embrace technology the way you do. Like your life, mine is very hectic (it doesn't get a whole lot better as your children get older, they somehow get busier!) Often times, the only way my real friends and I keep up with each other's activities is through e-mail and Facebook. Look, Facebook can't be that bad, for years my cousins and I were searching for our Ohio cousins and we found you on Facebook, imagine that! Powerful tool there…anyway, Sandy, I just wanted you to know that you do reach real people, like me, who look forward to your posts, even though I don't take the time to tell you. You have quite a God-given talent and are very creative in your use of it.
    Keep 'em coming! Take care.

  2. Thanks! I know for myself that during my adoption my on-line friends "got me" versus my real time friends not really understanding. That was a season of my life where I spent almost every waking moment stalking the forums and blogs. And the support I got and gave I believe was genuine and sincere. That was then, this is now.

    I have maintained some of those friendships over the last couple of years and I do believe they are sincere friendships.

    As a single mom of a preschooler who works full time at a demanding job, my ability to connect face to face is tough. If I only rely on that, I would live a very lonely and friendless existence. It's just the reality.

    While I would really like to nurture some of the friendships I have with more face time, it's just hard right now.

    Honestly, I have some friends who we either email or text daily. I feel more connected to them because we reach out to one another DAILY and they know what's going on versus some of my more "meaningful" face to face relationships. And thre are times when things do get lost in "translation" as mood is difficult to "write" — especially in text message. But these friendships seem to be more resilient and a little less judgemental.

    Whether it is a sign of the times or not, I think that it is a sign of the times that women are finding other ways of connecting with other women during a season of their lives when otherwise they would be very isolated and alone. So if technology has allowed me the blessing and privilege of connecting with others and vice versa….I think it's a good thing.

  3. Sandy, I tend to agree with you and relate to your position. I need adult contact, and sometimes my laptop is the best way to get it! While I do see facebook as a potential "waste of time" to get caught up in being fake and shallow and playing endless games, I use it to keep up my friendships, reconnect with old friends, and share life with family and friends that live far away. I have reconnected with a friend from middle school and now I consider her a close friend, we get together, our kids play together, she encourages me as a mom and encourages me in our shared faith. Without facebook, our friendship would've remained a memory from our awkward years! =) I've made some new friends and I've had the opportunity to share Christ with people I otherwise would have never knew existed! I enjoy people and getting to know people. And in this phase of life with 4 kids 6 and under, the blogger/facebook world allows me all kinds of friendships some are just fun, some run deep. It's all about your key word, BALANCE! I appreciate your thoughts on this because there are some who don't "get it" and sometimes make me feel bad about the way I spend what little time I have to myself. And I agree with Joan, your blog reaches REAL people every time you post! I am one of them too!

  4. good post Sandy…balance in all things with being over the top about our Lord. This is where I think some people judge where they maybe not understand. My sis also adopted from Uganda and she has met some of her closest friends who could relate to her experience thru her blog. The Lord can use all things for His glory!

  5. "Whether it is a sign of the times or not, I think that it is a sign of the times that women are finding other ways of connecting with other women during a season of their lives when otherwise they would be very isolated and alone. So if technology has allowed me the blessing and privilege of connecting with others and vice versa….I think it's a good thing."

    Ana…that was so well-stated. 🙂

  6. I, personally, don't like to talk on the phone. I do make plans via email or texting to get together with friends in real life. When we are face to face, usually walking or running together, I find it easy to talk. Quick emails, comments on FB, blogging or texting work better for me than keeping in touch by phone. If I had to rely on my letter writing or card sending, it would put me back in time…when I rarely ever sent a letter or a card. I type fast and can think and write better than holding a phone to my ear. I prefer face to face conversations over phone calls. But there is NO way I can do a "face to face" with the people I regularly keep in touch with via blogging, FBing or texting.

  7. Great post and one I have debated with a few non computer friends…They just happen to be friends that spend probably 30 hours a week playing bridge…and they are visious about it. One even told me only really bored people would spend their time commuicating with strangers…
    I hate talking on the phone …and I love communicating with the written word…I am with you…its all about balance.

  8. I was looking forward to reading your thoughts on this my "online friend." (Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.)

    I cherish cherish cherish friends and connection of all kinds. I have moved a lot and have deep friendships with people that don't live near me.

    As a missionary kid, I was often separated from my parents and letter writing by the hours was a way to stay in touch.

    FOR ME IT IS ALL ABOUT CONNECTION. And I enjoy any means to connect with women. I blog, text, skype, chat on the phone, use snail mail, mentor, facilitate small groups, have women in my home . . . any way I can connect.

    I believe the internet it neutral and can be used for good or bad. I am doing my best to use it for God's glory. For example, I love praying with woman on face book.

    (Sorry this got long, I think I need to blog about this topic in the future.)

    Thanks for getting the discussion going, Sandy.

  9. I found your blog somehow and I'm really enjoying your thoughts (and your quirky sense of humor!) I have heard all the "What's the world coming to?" comments and they leave me mildly disturbed, perhaps a little sheepish to admit I am one of those internet users.
    Now, I will hold my head up. I am a mommy/blogger/ facebook-er and I love the connections I have made! (long-lost relatives and high school buddies among others)I really treasure the conversations I am privy to…especially with my older children, who are out of my house, and their many friends.
    I have often found Facebook the fastest way to get the most amount of prayer for an urgent request with minimal gossip. How shallow is that??

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