1. You are truly funny and know how to mix truth with some really great humor. Love your blog.

    Here's a little perspective for those worm eating ladies ~ Yesterday my sis.in.law put her four year old on the scale. As the digital scale numbers went up, my little neice with big eyes and excited voice said, "Look mommy, I am getting so many points!"

  2. Funny you touched on the Baby food diet. I've been doing some Tracy Anderson stuff lately (mainly butt and thighs) (you know I jump from one thing to another) – so when I saw the baby food thing I laughed!

    Does Jennifer Aniston really need to lose 7 lbs???

    As for your twin… I answered yes to more than a few of your questions!

    So I guess I'm one of the whopping 6 Jill speaks of. And I will be the first to admit that I have OCD!

    Love the post!

  3. yah…. in science we learned about round worms, flat worms, and segmented worms….. ew. Madison told us about these milk worm thingys, that live in milk and they grow in ur intestines 2! i dont think i will be drinkin milk 4 a while, not that i like milk…so in conclusion, do not drink milk or make Ascaris worm smoothies…..

  4. Well, here's hoping those ladies are at least taking a pro-biotic with their worms 🙂

    You already know I'm your twin….I have to say I checked off at least half of those list items! And I ALWAYS believe People/internet sources over publicists…..because how many times has "their publicist denies…." about divorce, pregnancy, etc and then the next week the celeb is pregnant, divorced…(pregnant and divorced!), etc. Thanks for the lighthearted Fitness Friday…..I always look forward to Fridays!

  5. Glenda: that made me laugh. I wish I could view the number on the scale in such a positive light.

    Sarah: No, Jennifer does NOT need to lose 7 lbs.

    And to all the rest of you…thanks for the comments. I'm glad you found the headlines as entertaining as I did.


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