1. When I was 13, my sister and I were in Las Vegas to visit my dad. He took us to a dinner show at the MGM Grand Hotel where Sister Sledge was opening up for Bill Cosby. Apparently he slipped someone some cash and we got a seat right in front of the stage. Bill Cosby was doing his family-based comedy routine, looked down at my sister and me and told us to get up there on stage with him. So we did. Who says no to Bill Cosby? He kept us up there for a little while, asking us questions about being sisters and stuff. I’m not sure I said a whole lot but it was pretty cool.

  2. I met the Pioneer Woman. And I blew it! By the time I got to give her my book, I forgot everything I was going to say and the person I was going to tell her I knew that she also knew (connection!), and I left and remembered it all. I was also about the third to the last person in the line and I think it was at least 1am. I had also flown into town that day from a vacation in Florida (I live in Texas) and my husband was home with the kids, the smallest one was still nursing. It was a crazy night. I was so glad to have met her, but I wish that I had had some more sense at the time.
    Your night sounds awesome. I love, love the commentary. You are so very witty! 🙂

  3. Sandy,

    This post was hysterical! Thanks for sharing. I loved it so much I had to read it twice!!

    Now, where do I start with the donna meets famous people… Dorothy Hamel, Dick Clark, Carly Simon (got her to sing “I haven’t got time for the pain” to me!), Dr. Oz, David Letterman (got him to kiss me!), and Dr. Charles Stanley. Tomorrow night I might be meeting Mitt Romney… we were once “neighbors” – he doesn’t know it and he doesn’t know me – yet!

    PS When I meet these folks, I make like I’ve been their friend for some time… need them to be comfortable with me so I can take a photo together and exchange addresses (I wish).

  4. It is always a delight to read your lively accounts of a day in the life of Sandy…

    Once my husband took me back stage at the Grand Ole Opry during a rehearsal…I managed to trip over a cable, so I high-tailed it out of there before any introductions were made…

  5. I am super tempted to tweet this post to Donald Miller so he can read it and know you are a writer and not just a Beachbody sales lady who really likes water 🙂

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