1. I always feel the same way when others post pictures of their office. Now just picture it with more stuff on the desk. And usually a kid standing next to me waiting for something.

  1. Sandy,
    You have an awesome work space. It looks great. Love the things your kids made for you too. I like the color too. I have a space in the basement where I have a tv and exercise mat to do all of my workouts.

  2. That looks so great!! And I love the artwork from your kids! Ooh, this makes me want to do something crazy and different in our house. 🙂
    And we both have an Eliana. I can’t remember, but I think I said that before, now that I am saying it here, and I just forgot, because I’m an airhead.
    Your office is beautiful! Love the colors, the curtains, the LIGHT!! 🙂

  3. Right now, I have a table and a laptop, but I have great designs on the front bedroom just vacated by 65MD’s son. My sister was over yesterday and we selected the paint color.

    I did’t know we were so much kindred spirits with the beach thing. It is the closest thing to heaven on this earth for me. One of my bathrooms has a total beach motif.

  4. I have a great “space” in the works. It is coming together nicely…unfortunately it is still in pinterest and not in my actual home.

  5. I love the whole thing! But those curtains… I need them. I’m about to re-do our bedroom and they need to be in there! 🙂 You have a great workspace. I really do love every aspect of it.

  6. As a girl who lives alone, every room is created for me to do my thing! How do you like that one!!

    LOVE what you did with the living room and I’m sure it’s not easy to get everyone out when you want in! Enjoy.

  7. I love your new office. Now if you really love the beach, bring the kids (your hubby too) and visit us in Kauai. We have a spare bedroom you know, and an air mattress we can blow up in my home office for the kids. They would love the BEACH, which is just down the road from us. Aloha, thank you for being a part of all our lives.

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