1. great tips! visiting from the hop today!

    yea, i like pinterest to help keep me on the right track when it comes to preparing new and exciting healthy recipes for my family…they have some GREAT recipes!

    awesome for your weight loss in the challenge, keep it up! i haven't heard much about p90x2…you loving it?

  2. Good job on the P90x!

    I love to cook and have always used first and foremost, the Joy of Cooking. The one from the 60s. Now I often use All Recipes or The Pioneer Woman or Mama Pea, to find new recipes. I try to stay away from Paula Dean!

  3. Love the dessert/Ecclesiastes reference:)

    First off, SO PROUD AND HAPPY for your success! You go, girl!

    I am learning to love to cook, and find that the more simpler/healthier/whole recipes, the better. Last night I cooked up quinoa, let it cool, threw in some steamed broccoli and feta and a little Italian dressing and that was dinner (for me – no one else in my house will eat quinoa yet.)

    But, because I had cooked all week they had yummy leftovers to eat and I felt every so Proverbs 31 as I served it to them with a side of steamed organic broccoli (which they will eat with some dessert negotiation.)

    And I know exactly about meat issues. My husband often tells me he cannot believe I came from farm lineage because everything meat skeeves me out.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. This is an area I am really working on and processing. I do so well when my life is normal and on target … but throw in some stress, or vacation, or company … and I struggle to keep at it. Then it takes a lot to start again.

    I wish I wasn't an all or nothing type of person.


    ps. Hope this weeks holds some fun surprises for you … sounds like your week was rough.

  5. I think that verse from Ecclesiastes is next to the one where is says "you pay dearly for having to much fun". Got to control that "too much" stuff.


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