1. Yipee!!!! Women's Retreat!!!!!! Can't wait!
    By the way, as you celebrate daffodils and leaves budding, I feel I should warn you. We have had a crazy mild winter. Warm, barely any snow. Then a week or so ago, winter decided to show up…5 months late. I am hoping that late winter is planning a short visit, and that the foot of snow we got last weekend will be gone by March 30…a girl can dream 🙂

  2. Are you kidding with number 20?!?!?

    That is INCREDIBLE and facebook worthy. It is also "cheating chocolate cake" worthy which I would have totally baked to celebrate with you if we lived closer.

    Are you kidding with number 29?!?!? Will miss your posts tremendously but will understand if you take a hiatus. Some of the best television shows take a hiatus and are welcomed back with much fanfare.

    Congrats! Oh, I heard some hoopla about the Disney thing but am terribly out of the loop on all things newsworthy if they are not on the cover of People. So sad, so true.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow! 10 inches since Jan! That's impressive…I keep hearing about P90X but haven't tried it out…I might need to check it out after reading this.

    Congrats on your house…that's awesome!

    I'm hooked on the new season of American Idol and wish they would have kept the scat guy too!

    Lastly, blog breaks are good…I support you and think you deserve it!

  4. Sandy,

    I'm happy for you for the many reasons you listed. It is all good for you but not people like me who "read" you on a weekly basis. This is going to be a tough season us.

    Enjoy the time off but please come back!


  5. You crack me up Sandy! So wish I could have seen your dance in the lobby! I would have totally thrown you the best parade EVER!!

    A few more comments:

    – LOVE American Idol this season!

    – Not sure if you saw my comment on Facebook, but I can so tell you've lost 10 inches! You look awesome!!

    -About this blog break…. I will support you, but I am also going to be having a little talk with God to make sure that He does have you return after a little break I would be sad without your blog 🙁

    – Another thing about that blog break… Does this mean I may get to see you outside of Sundays at church??? YAY!!!!

    Love you!

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