1. That was a funny story about Jon and the pizza…sounds a lot like something I would do. And that you ran down the steps two at a time to catch him sounds a lot like something my wife would do.

    I can also relate to the quick fix, process driven, formulated, quick tip, checklist approach to life and my relationship with Christ. It took me a long time to figure out that God was much bigger than the box in which I was trying to put him.

    Your right…there is no easy way to intimacy…especially for men. It has been a real struggle for me to know a personal relationship with Christ and to hear his voice. You may have seen the bumper sticker, “Real Men Love Jesus,” I used to think that was the strangest thing, but I am learning that it is true. I’m not yet ready to put the sticker on my car, but I am asking God to write it on my heart.

    To that, I am very thankful that he has given me a spiritually strong wife who models for me, what a personal relationship with Christ looks like. And I know Jon is thankful as well. However, I’m not so sure he’s thankful that you exposed his weakness for pizza on your blog.

    Anyway, great blog. Glad you are doing it. Keep it up!


  2. Your white shorts story just simply cracked me up.

    Oh dear.

    And then your hubby sneaking pizza in the basement… so funny.

    Except now I want some pizza and we all no that no matter what diet you are on, pizza is never allowed.


    Like you said, no quick fixes. sigh.

  3. Sandy,

    You have a rare and profound gift for offering choice spiritual morsels spiced with humor and served upon the essential checkerboard covered table of Monday through Friday living. Your writings are, like yourself, always delightful and insightful.

    Blessed by you,


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