1. “…It made no sense.
    But God knew what we needed…”

    How true this is. There have been some crises in my life that have left devastation in its path…it made no sense…I could do so much more for Him with a sound mind, energized body….but in my frailty, He began to weave a lesson on dependence on Him which for someone who was good at most things was and is a painful, yet joyful lesson.

    Thanks for sharing this. Have to pop by again to read the older posts.

  2. Sandy,

    What a beautiful story this is. Truly, I think it is one of the most beautiful examples of God speaking that I have ever heard. And praise God for your obedience. When I think of how many children and families will know and love Jesus because of your incredible sacrifice and offering of obedience to the Lord in the midst of your pain, it brings tears to my eyes.

    Thank you for sharing this precious story and encouraging me today.

    Blessings to you,


  3. That was amazing…and so like our God. My eyes blurred when I read “What is God saying in your storm? When you lift your hands and truly thank Him from your heart, what is it that He whispers in your ear? What is it that He’s telling you be a key to YOUR healing?”

    Thank you, thank you for touching my heart yet again….

  4. Hearing God’s voice in the middle of the storm is vital to our healing. When logic tells us to withdraw, God leads us to minister. When logic tells us it’s too hard, God leads us to refreshing waters.

    that’s my favorite quote from this part.

    thanks for your story, sandy. love you!

  5. Nothing like starting my day off with sniffling and blubbering over your wonderful story! Thanks. Excuse me while I reach for some Kleenex.

    I’ve been blessed through every part of your Storm series, Sandy. You got guts, girl.

  6. Hey, I just started last weekend in the 3 -5 year old class at our church. At first, I was like why in the world and I signing up to be around kids when I soooo feel I need a break from my own. But I truly enjoyed it and to my own suprise when the youth minister asked me how it went I said I would be lead teacher next month????? I am now praying for the ability to do it well!! Thanks for the story,

  7. Where to start on this one…

    I feel that God put you in my life for a very good reason! It seems like every week you touch on something that I’m currently struggling on.

    Just this past Sunday we found out that there is a need for the 3-5 year classroom at church. I’ve been praying and tossing around the idea of teaching since I saw this. One problem is that my son is in this classroom and I don’t know how he would do with me teaching, and secondly, I already sing a TON. So, needless to say when I read this today I was amazed!

    Your obedience and faithfulness is contagious too all who read your story!

  8. What an awesome post and an awesome prayer! Wowza!

    Meeting Dan tomorrow…

    …can’t wait to tell you how well it went!


  9. I love hearing about examples such as yours…I love when God uses other people in very unexpected ways to reach out and give confirmation!!

    I am recently learning a lot about my “response” in any given situation…whether the situation is what I want or whether it is difficult. My response must ALWAYS be God-glorifying, with any hint of selfishness or pride repented of and overcome. Very hard to do!!

    But this post is reminding me that I am called to be obedient to God’s word, not what others think I should say or do.

    Love you!

  10. I am always so touched when I come to your blog.
    I enjoyed reading your blog today. I am still new to the land of blog, but have found it
    so true that everyone has a story.
    Hope you will stop by and see me. The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners.

  11. Sandy

    I found your blog yesterday, and started reading this series. It's speaking directly to my heart, my husband is going through a very difficult storm, as his mom was just diagnosed with cancer back in Argentina but it's already very advanced. Right now he is there, tored between his desired to be back home with me and our kids, and not abandoning his mom. Your written prayer about peace in Part 11 was very appropriate, I will send it to him and will also pray it for him.
    And now, part 13 also touched my hear. My husband and I have been feeling that God wants me to help with Children's church (3-5 years old). We have been going to this church for a year, and it's an American-speaking church, although our native language is Spanish, so at the beginning I was a little afraid of doing this. Finally last Sunday I signed up. Although it's not an every Sunday commitment, I'm still a bit unnerved by it. I've been a Sunday school teacher for many years, but always in Spanish and in another culture. Anyways, I was wondering if you are able to share the curriculum and training that you mentioned you developed.
    Thanks and blessings from the Lord.

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