1. Sandy,What a beautiful post. You are such a blessing to me!Please keep me in your prayers!I go back to the doctor Wed.I am scared, but I am trying to keep my eyes on the Lord.Have a blessed day!Love in Christ, Faye

  2. Sandy,

    You just totally rock. I admire your heart for people, your keen mind and your attuned spirit.

    Before you take this to the publication level, can we talk about the phrase “God took him/her” when he/she passed from this life. I think it’s an essential concept that too many people, including the people of God just don’t get, which, if missed can intensify–rather than assuage–heartache. 🙂

    Your 2nd biggest fan (I happily defer to Jon!)


  3. You are more than admirable! And God is looking down on you saying, “Yes, Sandy, Yes!” You are reaching out and touching so many lives… Thank you!

  4. Just beautiful, Sandy! I have followed this series and believed each post was so profound that it would be impossible to read one any greater. But you have proved this wrong each time and your concluding words and insight just amaze me….you and your family are a true inspiration to how really listening to the Lord can change one’s life and in turn, the lives of others.

  5. I found your site through a link on Lysa Tekeurst’s site. God knew I needed to find your blog. In March I experienced a miscarriage at 11 1/2 weeks. I have two healthy children so it was a serious shock. I am still healing, and especially working on trust. Your words have been just what I needed. Thank you for allowing God to use you. I can’t wait to join you in being reunited with our children in Heaven. My husband and I are working through the whole when to get pregnant again debate. Your comments on becoming pregnant again after your loss were so helpful. The thing the Lord has continually urged me towards is putting my hope in him and not in future children. I am content with where we are now, but have yet to find peace with this possibly being our completed family.

    Well, just wanted to share a piece of how our stories intersect. Thank you sister for allowing the Lord to speak through you.

  6. Wow Sandy, I started at the end, can’t wait to go back and read it all. I remember that time 11 years ago so vividly. I never doubted that God would do a wonderful work in you and your family. You are an amazing woman of God and I am so excited to have reconnected with you. You have inspired me today and taught me again just as you did so many years ago. Love God, Love people. I will do my best today to keep that phrase at the front of all my thoughts. My faith is what it is today because of you taking time with me and introducing me to a loving God. It was the seed that grew! I love you my twin, my sister in Christ! Lisa

  7. I love what you said here, Sandy: “I used to believe that my defining moment was the moment Noah died. But Noah’s death did not define me. It was my response to his death that defined me and allowed God to change me.” This is SO true! Terrible events are just that . . . events. Our response to these events say everything about who we are as people.

    When I lost my brother I was 11 years old and didn’t know how to respond. I am continually grateful that I had parents who modeled a beautiful picture of how to respond in a crisis. They hung in there, and most importantly, they stayed together.

    I can really relate to what you said here. I’m not thankful that my brother died, but I do believe that God used it for good. Today, every member of my family is following the Lord. I wonder if that would be the case if we had not experienced this tragedy that brought us to complete dependence on Him.

  8. I’m just humbled and blessed to have read the whole story. You have a beautiful heart and a powerful witness. Can’t wait to buy the book.

    Blessings to you, high and deep, long and wide, rich and quiet.


  9. This was deeply moving Sandy. I feel so privileged to have a precious glimpse into these special and painful times of your life. # 2 and 3 really came out at me Sandy because I’m very sensitive to hurting people. I have always believed it is the Spirit of the Lord NOT Lisa but He gives me that sensitivity to know when someone is hurting and that it’s really not about them attacking or lashing out at me. I’m thankful for that because it has stopped me many times in my life from reacting fleshly to the behavior of others! TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

    I have to go back and read #3 again in order to respond! Blame it on age.

  10. Ok I’m back (smile)…actually 3 and go together for me. I was the queen of people pleasing born out of a very difficult childhood and it wasn’t UNTIL I really drew into intimacy with JESUS that things began to change in that area. I didn’t know GOD’s love in my heart only in my head back then and so when I got the REAL REVELATION OF WHO THE FATHER SON AND HOLY SPIRIT WAS and who I was to the GOD HEAD everything CHANGED!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

    I love you Sandy and again am so grateful for the opportunity to and privilege to share in your heart pain and victories. My love to you.

  11. I needed a break from working on my book proposal, and God lead me to your blog tonight. I was so moved by your story and who you have become through the storm. Sandy, God spoke to my heart tonight through you. Thank you for being obedient and sharing so beautifully and honestly. You are proof of His transforming power – a life that has been changed. I don’t even know what to say. I just needed to see His work in someone else’s life and tonight I did!


  12. Hey Sandy,
    Beautiful, challenging conclusion to your series. I especially appreciated the way you listed the benefits you attained from going through that storm, and that we all have a choice how we respond to our storms. Do we draw closer to God, or do we blame Him and turn our back on Him. Sadly, so many chose that path and never experience the new life that God has in store for them.

    I too can testify that after suffering and recovering from severe depression, my life is now much richer than it ever was before. God taught me so many things through it, set me free from so much, and brought me so much closer to Him.

    God bless 🙂

  13. AMEN!!!!!

    Now, I thought I was only going to take a few minutes when I came to your blog.

    It's been hours. I'm sitting here in awe of all God has brought you through, all He taught you and your great heart towards all of us out here.

    I'm deeply touched, challenged and feel like when the time is right I need to share my testimony too.

    Even if it's just with my family and friends.

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your journey of pain, hope, healing and FAITH in our mighty God.

    I wish I could reach in here and give you the biggest hug.

    Sending so much love your way, and prayers for you and you continue your journey home.

    PS Is this in a book yet???

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