1. Oh Sandy…what is so strange is that I well know what it is like to grieve like that. But for me it was grieving over the loss of my identity. Over finally understanding that who I was and had been all my life meant nothing because I did not believe in God. And I was at the place because of my horrible sin. But in the end, we both had someone to look to..we both had a God that was still there holding us, even when it was hard to see.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a believer and have that kind of pain threaten the very foundation of your faith. And I have always, and more so now, admire you willingness to show that it is not always an easy path to take when following God through everything thrown at us, but that it is so worth the eternity we will have with Him when we die.

    You are truly an inspiration, and I am praying mightily that God will allow this She Speaks to be the moment He allows your dream of helping others come true.

    Love you!

  2. Sandy,
    You have the kind of faith and inner fortitude that only comes by first walking through hell. It is easy to envy the faith you show, but no one on earth would envy the valley that got you there.

    I’m just humbled to read your story. I truly hope your publishing dream becomes reality for you soon, and I want one of the first copies.

    You are a blessing!

  3. If I can quit crying long enough to leave this post — I’ll tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your beautiful baby Noah. I CANNOT imagine losing a child. There can’t be another pain like it.

    I am so thankful God brought you through and I pray that He will use you to help others through the deepest despair to the side of LIFE and JOY again.

    Thank you for sharing with us.


  4. Oh Sandy, I can relate to so much of what you write here. My story involves a death of a child too, but not my own–my parents. When I was eleven years old my best friend–my nine year old brother–died at summer camp. Someday (maybe at “She Speaks”?) I’ll tell you the rest of the story.

    But for now, I want you to know I am so glad you have seen God’s strong hand in all of this and that you have chosen–CHOSEN–to remain faithful to Him. All glory to God.

  5. Sandy,

    Once again, thank you for your honesty and transparency. Pain is PAIN and there is something that transcends circumstances that brings about the pain that only God’s hand can heal!

    While I have not experienced your loss (and hope I never do), I do know PAIN. And I could connect with your writing at that level of gut wrenching pain, the rawness and realness of it.

    Your ability to articulate your heart were very moving (actually heartbreaking) and profound. I found myself in the prose looking at life through your eyes.

    Here’s putting in a positive vote for your book! I’ll buy it (and not just because you’re my friend).

    I am sorry that Noah was taken from you so soon. A pain that no mother should ever experience. But I am also encouraged to see how God has used something that was meant to destroy you for good and in the end He is and will be glorified.

    Big hug Amiga!!


  6. You have shared the unthinkable with grace and wisdom from your Father….I admire your courage and strength so much and just know your book will bring comfort to others, blessings to you and your family, and most importantly, glory to God.

    Bless you, Sandy!

  7. Thank you for rehashing all the emotions and struggles from that difficult time. I know that God is using your pain in losing Noah to help someone else. I love you!

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