1. I just started reading your blog this week from Russia. Your writing is pulling! I enjoy this post…and look forward to hearing what purpose God will use you in by stirring this hospitality theme up in you!
    Love from across the pond,

  2. Just wanted to remind you of how God spoke to me as I stayed in your home in Jax. I so experienced that "peace and joy" and was encouraged not to settle for anything less!
    Keep up the good work. Isn't it amazing how many different ways we can bring glory to God?!
    Love you guys!

  3. Sandy,

    Good luck with your new goal of opening your home more. I pray that this brings many more blessings to your home and family. Although I love the internet for allowing me to meet friends I never would before, it does make it hard to come over for dinner!

    Also, I went back and read your post on "buzzers, bells & crickets". I am still very new at listening for all of this, but I am getting very used to the buzzers, mine is more like a sick feeling. Funny, huh? Also, I love the cricket analogy. I never have a problem speaking my mind, but I have recently begun to recognize that it isn't always me hesitating. As for the bells, that's the tough one, lots of time in prayer still. So for now, lots of hesitating until I'm sure!


  4. Be right over, Sandy! Actually, why don't you come on over to my place…God has been speaking the same things to me lately.

    I think that God is anxious to accomplish some 'body ministry' these days and hospitality is the key…

    Bless you,

  5. Ah, the gift of hospitality. I have that one and lately God's been asking me to use it at church. I cooked for our staff last week–40 people–ALL BY MYSELF!!! I was exhausted for two days. And now I've been asked to cater a dessert for some missionaries. Hmmmm. Oh yeah, and my daughter asked if she could have her small group meet at our house every-other week all year. Sure, honey. No problem.

    Oh well. That's what we have our home for, and I'm happy to share it.

    I'd love to come for dinner! 🙂

  6. I would love to come for dinner!!!

    From my house to yours would only take maybe 4 days. :o)

    I just used the hubby "cool" indicator the other day and got a "not cool"… so amazing how God uses us to together!!!

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