1. I agree. The right prioritization is essential. I was pleasantly surprised recently when I asked a highly regarded senior military officer about his prioritization. You might be surprised to learn what he said: (1) God, (2) family, (3) country, (4) everything else, including self.

  2. ((sigh)) This was a hard week! As I've been reading your blog and allowing God to minister to me, life hit me with a few whammies….overworked, stressed from work, Alberto with a cold — translates: CRANKY, IRRITABLE, INCONSOLABLE, I have my housekeeper coming now only every other week, did I mention stressed from work with a cranky child and trying to exercise, eat healthy, be a good mom, a good employee and who knows what else… Calgon Take me Away!!!

    I know that I need to take care of me because when I am not in a good place, I am good to no one!!

    First and foremost, I really do need to carve out my God time. He has just been smacking me around with that and there are no more excuses.

    Thank you for remaining faithful to the Lord. Thank you that you are allowing us to walk along side of you while you fast. And thank you for finally hiring someone to help you with the house!!!!

  3. This is so good, Sandy. I was in a babysitting co-op when my kids were little, and it was a lifesaver. I also have a woman who cleans for me every-other week. You'd think I wouldn't need it since I have three capable daughters, but my husband likes a clean house, so it's worth it to him. I find other things for the girls to do, believe me.

    Priorities are the key to a happy, healthy life. So important!

  4. You're naturally organized? Guess I'm the messy twin! That's a good reason for you to come visit… A messy house drives me cra-zy too! Yaay for maids, babysitters and lawn crews!!!

    love you, sis! been too long since my last visit!

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