1. Thanks Sandy..I need you to be my accountability partner! Big time!! My problem..as its been for a while, is my lap top! I spend way too much time on it..or I'll get tired in the afternoon and just be online..or lay down..I probably should lay down for a few to get rejuvinated…Anyway..I know what I need to do, just don't know why I have such a hard time committing..I need to go to bed at a certain time, I need to get up when the alarm goes off so that I can have my quiet time..and exercise, etc…I've struggled w/ it for years!!

  2. "Reading everyone else's blog but this one?" Ha ha ha ha ha…cute wya to sneak that in there 🙂

    Also loved the dinner co-op. You are too funny!

    What hit me the most (SERIOUSLY HARD) was stop serving in the nursery when your gift is writing. I have been doing exactly that, and letting writing go because of a little doubt and a lot of self-reflection about priorities. And you are right; I need to get rid of the stuff I do to "please" people and get on with the stuff that "pleases GOD!"

    Love you!

  3. I've been known to defend my "list" of "I am the only one that can do this" but as the years have passed, I've done better with it. What have I accomplished? I've learned to delegate. Yipee, yahoo.

    What has that turned into? Googling, Facebooking, Blog hopping, etc. And it's seriously a problem. Right now, I have a load in the washer (I'm prepping for the cleaning lady tomorrow). It should be in teh dryer so that at least she can fold and put the clothes away.

    It's late, I'm tired. I need to get some good sleep so that I can wake up to work out — which is difficult to do when you work 8 to 9 hours a day and survive on 5 hours of sleep and spend the rest of your waking time caring and parenting a toddler.

    So yes, while I gave up Diet Pepsi…I am now an Online Addict. Ahhhhhhh!!!

    And….I don't do plastic either. But I do like mushrooms and walnuts — as long as they aren't in brownies.

  4. Whoa! Awesome post. Your list of what to bring/not bring your family for dinner co-op had me laughing out loud.

    This will help alot of people and I think is something we all should do at some point.

    Btw, I serve brownie blobs. Are they on the Cooper's "ok to bring for dessert" list? They don't have walnuts.

  5. I am out doing some blog hopping and it seems we are like-minded. I am participating in a Bible study I think you might be interested in.

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