1. Fabulous! “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”…that’s one of my all-time favorite verses. My life’s goal! And I gasped out loud when I saw that photo of the pottery wheel with the baby! Incredible! (I coulda used that a while back myself!) Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!
    Have a wonderful, joyful, blessed Christmas my friend!

  2. I read your wonderful post yesterday but got interrupted while I was commenting. So, if you notice that I was on your blog for a long time, I forgot to close it down. I’m finally getting back and wanted to reread this thought provoking post. Gosh, there’s so much more to you Sandy than meets the eye. You’re a deep thinker and have a desire to grow in your relationship with the Lord. I love that.

    Heart transformation; WOW! It gives everything a new perspective as we realize who we are IN CHRIST adn then allow Him to change us from the inside out. And yes, He knows what’s best for us. I hate that I fight Him on this at times. Because when I surrender and learn to trust Him, my heart is so much more peaceful.

    There’s been something I’ve been praying about for the last 15 years concerning the salvation of loved ones. But God is good. When I think that it’s impossible, I’m reminded that nothing is impossible for Him. Just this morning I had renewed hope by words that were spoken to me. This probably doesn’t make full sense without knowing the context but I just know God is working in situations of my life and loved ones. And I’m so thankful and will be patient as I anticipate how He will work.

  3. What a beautifull devotion. Thank you for being such an amazing child of God. He is definitely speaking through you to all of your readers. I love the picture of the potters hands it’s so powerful.

    I hope your Christmas is full of God’s peace, love and joy. Merry Christmas!

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