1. What a great post Sandy! More women need to read this and if they don’t already know, learn who they are in Christ. When I first understood who I am IN CHRIST, it was revolutionary for me. I am a child of the most high, the apple of His eye, an heir. That blew me away!

    But if more women and young Christian girls realized this, we wouldn’t have to be so concerned with self-image. It’s not the self but who we become when the Holy Spirit dwells within us. We’re special because of Him, not us. It can change your perspective entirely when you get this. And then praise God.

  2. I was wallowing one day, most likely after being told time and time again how I am this or that (not necessarily in the best light), and my mother looked at me and said, “if only you could truly grasp your identity in Christ. Because you have no idea.”

    The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. And for me, he has kept me impotent in thinking that I’ve out sinned God’s grace; that I even if God can forgive me, He certainly can’t use me; and Well, if He does forgive me, and does use me, it’s only time before I screw up again…So why bother?

    I think it’s time to take all the negatives and replace them with God’s truth!

    Thanks for the reminder of a timely necessity.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I carried around a lot of these verses for over a year, and every time I caught myself falling into old patterns of thought or despair about myself I would pull them out and read the “truth”. I am now working with my daughter and son to teach them memory verses, and I am incorporating a lot of these, knowing they will help them as they start trying to find their place in this world and how to fight against the world.

    It is so vital to fight the lies we tell ourselves with scripture…otherwise you are just talking yourself in circles and letting Satan in.

    You gave me some new verses to carry around now too 🙂

  4. Sandy-
    What an exceptional post. A few years ago, in a lesson for our church young women’s organization, I talked to the girls about the danger of them working so hard to create their online identity (MySpace was all the rage, and I was concerned) and not realizing how little, how very.very little that actually had to do with their REAL identity. It’s so easy to forget who we are.

    I was so touched by Jennifer’s description of you, how much your blog and your friendship has meant to her. Therefore, I feel particularly honored to have you along my blog as a follower. Bless you.

    And may you continued to be blessed on your journey of faith. I’ll be checking in often to read up on your latest thoughts.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. What a wonderful post, Sandy! I love how you put it: “shaped by voices”. That is so true.

    And I love what Lindsey had to say – about carrying those verses around and reading them when I need to hear the truth.

    I stuggle to believe so many of those identities in Christ. Doubt creeps in and makes me question.

    And by the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comments on my contentment post! I am gonna buy that book!!! Your words just so touched me and I needed to hear what you said! You are so wise! 🙂

    Kate 🙂

  6. For me, it’s not that I find myself dwelling on the opposite of these truths, but more that I don’t know what to think anymore.

    “Others of you are so confused about who you should be, you take on multiple identities. You are whoever you need to be at the time.Some of you are just so sick of yourselves, you’ve pretty much given up on figuring out who you are.”

    I’ve been in both these places and now just feel kind of numb to just about everything. I hear how people talk so confidently about there closeness with God and I long for that, just not sure why my heart seems so locked up tight.

  7. Sandy,

    Thanks for reminding us who we are in Christ. I’m linking my blog to this today, not because I have very many readers, but I was so refreshed by it, that I want to share the blessing that God laid on your heart!

    I too carry scripture with me. As a nurse, I sometimes need reminders of “why I’m doing this” and reminders of who I serve in my service to others. I love the idea of starting my young girls in memorizing these scriptures! We’re starting now so they can be sure of who they are in Christ when they hit puberty! Thanks again

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