1. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! Can you hear me shouting for joy???!! Way to go Sandy! I couldn’t be any happier for you! And you’ve only just begun!!! No stopping you now!
    I Want a copy!!
    I love you girl and am SOO proud of you! Your diligence WILL pay off! !!!! Thought maybe I needed more exclamation marks!!!!!!! But I’m seriously smiling out loud right now!!

        1. Yes. I’m positive. The one on my hands and knees is me falling out of a yoga pose. The one of me with the furrowed brow??? And Jon photobombing me whilst I fix my hair? And what the heck with me and the stupid look on my face while I pick up flowers????? I’m absolutely positive these are the bad ones. haha

  2. Naturally, I love it. I read a lot of fitness blogs, books, articles, etc. and I love how this encompassed a whole, long-term outlook and included portions on rest, work, sabbath, resetting, etc. Now I can say, “I knew her when!!” I’ve no doubt this is the first of many wonderful publications 🙂

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