1. I match your lameness in virtually all areas of my life! Braeden's (12) baby book abounds. Abbey's (8) is waaaay thinner. Megan's (7) may have two entries in it – they are likely made-up dates for milestones recorded months later. Shea (5) and Malakai (3) get nothing. Yup, lame.

    Sponsored children = 3. (Working our way up to 5 – 1 for each of our kids.) Letters sent in 7 years = 1. More lameness.

    I'm going to schedule a day on our calendar right now. At least I can rectify one thing. Sadly, I don't think I can even come close to fabricating the date that Shea took her first steps…

  2. We all get the award for lameness from time to time. And yes, those children really do love to receive mail. I worked for NEED, Inc. where people sponsor children from India to be able to attend school. It's a shame how many sponsors never send a letter but they receive a letter every month or more from their child.

    Thank you for sponsoring a child! Blessings…

  3. We all fall down. We all fail. We are all lame. But, isn't it great that grace abounds and we can pick ourselves up, make different choices, and influence the people around us? Love the family letter-writing!

  4. Love your 'realness.' We sponsor a child in Honduras through a different ministry. Thanks for the encouragement to make a point of writing to him today – it's been on my 'to do' list for a while now! Have a great weekend and God bless!

  5. This is why we are sisters.

    I have write letter to my Compassion child Happy on my list. Happy. I wonder if I can make Happy happy by writing?!?

    As for all the other lame things, I share them. I am them. I'm lame. I love you.

  6. Ha! Then I must be the lamest of them all! I don't even have a child to sponsor through any organization! I'm so lame, I'm barely able to take care of the one under my own roof! 😛 For real.

    Seriously, though, no reason to beat yourself over the head. The great thing is seeing an area of your life that is out of order or needs correcting, and taking the time to correct it. I think that is what God is looking for more than anything…the willingness to do the right thing, the ability to have a soft heart that is pliable in His hands so that we might receive His gentle correction.

  7. I'm so glad you were inspired. We got a letter from our Compassion child today and I did a real happy dance at the mailbox. I can only imagine how excited our 6 Compassion children are to receive letters and gifts from us. I try to post ideas on letter topics and fun enclosures on my blog, feel free to check it out!

  8. I popped over from Chatting at the Sky, where I read your comment that The Hole in Our Gospel changed your life, too.

    I have to tell you, Sandy, I LOVE this post. You are so honest, and I absolutely love it! I, too, sponsor a child (in Africa), and although I do occasionally write letters (when asked to do so), I dread it like the plaugue. I, too, read Lisa-Jo's post on letter-writing and vowed with renewed energy to be committed to writing to my child. You have a sister in spirit here, Sandy!

  9. Oh I am just jumping up and down with joy and happiness and thanksgiving for wonderful YOU and your family and your big, big hearts working through the lameness and sending love and encouragement where it is needed most! On behalf of a hundred kids I met, thank you thank you and a thousand times thank YOU!!


    We are in this together, all the way!!

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