1. Good morning, Sandy. I did my link and it shows up on the "LINKY" site, but not on yours. Do you have to accept each one or am I just doing it wrong?


    P.S. Love your goals post . . . will comment on it later.

  2. Thanks, Sandy. It is now on there. Maybe it just takes 10 or 15 minutes to show up. Usually it shows up right away . . . who knows?

    So if others are linking today (PLEASE DO), just give it a few minutes.


  3. I like the results of your blood, sweat and tears. I am always motivated by goals like yours. God bless you, Sandy, as you begin to do the work (and fun.)


    PS. Thanks for your help on the link bit this morning.

  4. When I stopped by earlier to link up, I failed to mention how I love your goals. I share your spiritual gift of planning, and goals, lists, measurable results, and the like make me feel complete. 😉

  5. I linked, I linked! 🙂 I can relate to your blogging/writing goals. I like the idea of taking photos. I never thought of that. I think you have some very worthy goals! I know for me, there are so many things I want to work on, if I wrote them all down I'd get depressed, lol! So I just narrowed it down to one word…I can handle that! Blessings as you embark on your journey!

  6. Hi, I'm visiting via Glenda's blog and enjoyed your post. I'm guessing I'll have to duck and run -smile- but Daddy always said, "if you're living like you're supposed to the rest of the year, there's no need for resolutions at the beginning of the year." IOW, checks and balances all year 'round. That's what I think he's also saying.
    It's wild because Glenda's word for 2011 is breath and that's the word I also chose for this year. Nope, neither of us had any idea the other was gathering "breath" but it seems right for both of us and for different reasons.
    My resolution -grin- for this year is to get my husband through his treatments for cancer and get him well and healthy again. We're not finished loving each other and need some more years to do the job right.
    Happy New Year neighbor to my west. May the worst of 2011 be from the best of 2010.
    P. S. Sandy, is that short for Sandra? Do you know the meaning is "helper"? It's my name also and my middle name, "Kay", is Celtic for happy. They both fit me so well, bless His name.

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