1. Thanks I needed a good laugh!!! What a week!!!

    I can totally relate to what I won’t miss — the mess and constant cleaning up!!!

    And the tiara — priceless!! I can’t believe the waitress was so “dry” — did she at least sing happy birthday?

  2. No apologizes on the break from the usual routine. I loved the stories!

    Happy Birthday!

    Don’t feel too bad about a messy house. I think all REAL mothers have messy houses. I can’t remember a single home with children that I’ve been to that is “mess free”, outside the special event circumstance. Even then I think the mess is just re-located under beds, in closets, etc… (my rational so I don’t feel bad! :o)

    I look forward to the “real” post. I always gain so much from your work on the deep stuff!


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